I Remember Mom: Setting Mom’s Hair

I Remember Mom:

Setting Mom’s Hair

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Two months have passed since Mom went Home to be with the Lord. My grief is still painfully deep. I miss her so very much. In the past three or four years, I used to set Mom’s hair, for her, on Saturday afternoons. This was our ritual to prepare Mom for Sunday morning church service.

Mom had her hair curlers incredibly organized. She had three different little plastic boxes for her curlers. There was a box for the small curlers, a box for the medium curlers and a box for the large curlers. Likewise, Mom had her bobby pins well organized as well. The large bobby pins were kept at the bottom of the plastic box where she kept the large curlers. And, of course the small bobby pins were kept with the small curlers.

The entire process, from start to finish, to put Mom’s hair in curlers took me about 45 minutes. It was a special little time.

Mom would often say to me, “you got this curler a little too loose, maybe you outa redo it, make it tighter.” And, of course that is exactly what I would do.

One time when I was setting Mom’s hair, I noticed that she was holding back tears. She told me the story of when Dad and her first started courting. It was a cute story. Mom laughed at how nervous Dad was when he first met her Dad.

“You should have seen your father when he first met your grandfather. He was a nervous wreck. He was jumping around, so nervous, like he was Barney Fife.”

That was a precious little moment. I cherish that simple memory.

I’m rather tired tonight. My sister, Patti, and I are working on setting up for a garage sale that we are going to have in the middle of March. Garage sales are a lot of work.

Well, I’ll close for tonight. It’s getting late. At 66, when the clock passes 9:30, that is incredibly late. So, I think I’ll hit the hay.

If you’re reading this tonight, or any night for that matter, before going to sleep, I hope you have sweet dreams.

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