My Tribute to Tonya Jo

My Tribute to Tonya Jo

By Richard Mabey Jr.

It was some time in the Summer of 2016 that I first connected with Tonya on the Private Message mode. But actually we had connected long before that. Tonya had been very supportive of my blog, for quite some time before she and I first connected on the Private Message medium.

Then, Tonya and I continued our friendship via email. We became very good friends. We became confidants for each other. I was to discover that Tonya had a lot of things in common. And, we had a lot of things that were not in common.

I think that Tonya is an incredibly kind and insightful person. She has a true gift of understanding human nature. I don’t think that she fully understands just how immense her talent to cut through the chase and see the bottom line of people’s motives, for the things that they do.

Tonya is one of the most interesting people, whom I have ever known. She has this incredible intrigue. At times she has a heart of gold, filled with a compassion that is wider than the Atlantic Ocean. At other times, she is tough as nails. Tonya cannot be conned. She is just too insightful and smart to ever be conned.

At times, Tonya is shy and quiet and unassuming. Then at other times, Tonya roars like a mountain lion. It is a most interesting aspect of Tonya’s personality.

Tonya has a very high degree of  inner strength that I have observed in very few people. It is a quiet strength. None the less, it is a very real strength.

Tonya has a deep belief in God. She is a very spiritual woman. It is a belief that goes beyond the average person’s faith. There is a quality within Tonya that resounds a very real knowingness of the existence of a Divine Being.

Over the years, Tonya has been a true friend to me. She has been very supportive of my blog. To which I am immensely grateful to her. She is also very wise. Many times, I have confided things to Tonya, asking her for her advice and insight into a problem that I was facing. Tonya is more insightful than Ann Landers and Dear Abby put together.

Tonya lives in Tennessee. It is a funny thing, I’ve never met Tonya, eyeball to eyeball. Sometime this summer, I plan on selling my home here in Central Florida and traveling about the USA. I do hope to meet Tonya, eyeball to eyeball, at that time.

Life is so strange. My blog drew Tonya and I together to become very good friends, I would say best friends. This modern world really has turned everything upside down.

In sacred humility, I bow my head and thank the good Lord that Tonya came into my life and became my very good friend. I really and truly do not know what I would do without her.

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    I would like to talk to you, I grew up in Lincoln Park nj

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