Remembering the Ad Agency

At my desk at the ad agency that I worked at from January 2000 till November 2004.

Remembering the Ad Agency

By Richard Mabey Jr.

From January 2000 till November 2004, I worked as a proofreader, then editor, then writer, then executive editor of Mind Control Advertising Agency in northern New Jersey. No doubt, you have figured out that I changed the name of this ad agency. Basically, so that I do not get sued.

I worked there for one month shy of five years. I like the idea of doing something for five years, then moving on to some line of work that is totally different. It keeps life exciting.

I started at the ad agency as a humble proofreader, I worked my fingers to the bone, broke my back, stayed late at night most of the time, to finally work myself up to the point where I was serving as Executive Editor, reporting directly to the Vice President, with six employees reporting directly to me. I was making decent money. It all seemed like I was riding on the gravy train. But was I?

As time passed, I dreaded going to work each morning. I had the worst case of the Sunday night blues that you could ever imagine. The pressure cooker at my job was getting hotter and hotter. The demands and deadlines were becoming more absurd, with the passing of each and every week. I was secretly popping antacid tablets, just to deal with the outrageous stress of my job.

So, one day, during my lunch hour in November of 2004, I typed up my resignation, complete with two weeks notice and handed it to my boss. He flipped a gasket. He went berserk on me.

Mabey, you can’t quit! We’ve got that big ad campaign to polish off for the post holiday season. No way! No! Absolutely not! I won’t let you quit, you hear me!” I remember my boss shouting at me. But I ignored him and quit any way.

It was at the end of April in 2005, that I left my hometown of Lincoln Park and took on a writing job at a big daily newspaper in Central Pennsylvania. It was a blast. I learned a lot. My editor gave me a lot of artistic and creative freedom. I wrote a few hundred articles and feature stories for that paper, while I lived in Central Pennsylvania from June of 2005 till June of 2008.

If you’re feeling stuck in a job that feels like a dead end, where you are simply not appreciated and treated like dirt; here’s an idea, quit! Trust your talents and abilities to land a better job. Trust your innate, inner self, to guide you to a better place where you’ll be much happier. Don’t put it off. Life is too short to be miserable in a job where people are treating you like dirt. Move on. You can do it. Yes, you really can do it!


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2 Responses to Remembering the Ad Agency

  1. ackermari says:

    I did that twice in my career history. The first time I just did it and shocked a lot of people. The second time I hung around about 6 months longer than I should have because I felt bad leaving my coworkers (knowing they would not get to replace me, and stretch them even tighter). I just “retired” after that. Never did go back to work. Enjoying retirement!!

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