Grief Be The Mirror Of Love

Grief Be The Mirror Of Love

By Richard Mabey Jr.

At times grief seems so unbearable. The pain makes it difficult to sleep. Grief is such an incredibly deep pain. Simply put, at times it feels like you just cannot take one more minute of the pain.

I think that grief is a reflection of the love a person had for another person or for a pet. It is just a tough, tough, tough emotion to get through. Sometimes a grieving heart never heals. It’s just the way it is.

I had the day off from work today. I found myself at my desk today, working on a chapter of my book, “I Remember Dad.” I was doing my utmost best to further condense what I had previously written about my Dad’s experience in World War II at Hickam Air Field. It was about eleven o’clock in the morning and I thought, “yikes, let me check to see if Little Figgy needs fresh water.” I stopped working on my book for a moment, ready to get up to walk to the kitchen area. Then it hit me, Little Figgy is gone. It hit me like a thundering tidal wave.

Little Figgy went Home to Rainbow Bridge, this past Monday morning. It’s now Friday evening. I am still deeply mourning Little Figgy’s passing. I haven’t slept well this week at all. Grief is an incredibly painful emotion. It invades the deepest chambers of your heart. It seeps into the deepest crevices of your mind. There is not escape from the pain of grief, not even in sleep.

Little Figgy would sleep at the foot of my bed, on the right hand side. I would fall asleep at night, telling myself to be careful not to move my feet so that I didn’t kick her out of bed. Sometimes, she would rest her head upon my ankles.

I think what makes it so sad and so painful, is that Little Figgy was such an innocent and trusting little cat. She was so very attached to me. Figgy would follow me around the house, wherever I went. And, when I went outside to do yard work, Little Figgy would jump onto my bed, then jump onto my desk and watch me from the front window. Yesterday, while I was cleaning the bird baths and putting fresh water in them, I looked up at my bedroom window. It seemed so strange not to see Little Figgy watching me.

I think that the pain of grief is but a reflection of the love that one had for another living being. And, if that is true, I know I truly loved that cute, black and white, little fur ball.

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