Remembering The Writers’ Circle TV Show

The Writers’ Circle was a weekly television talk show that was shown on Kinnelon, New Jersey’s Channel 20. The show ran for about two years from 1997 to 1999.

Remembering The Writers’ Circle TV Show

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Today I watched some of the episodes of the old Writers’ Circle television talk show. I had not watched the tapes from this show in about 15 years. It seemed funny to go back in time and watch the show, once again.

The Writers’s  Circle was shown weekly on KHS-20 Community Television, based in Kinnelon, New Jersey.

I began production of the Writers’ Circle in 1997 after having produced and hosted the Cable Television Network talk show show, Cross-Talk, for five full years. Watching the tapes today, reminded me of just how hard I worked on WC. It was such an incredible labor of love.

The actually began dreaming up the concept of WC, about a year before Cross-Talk finished production, when the Cable Television Network of New Jersey closed their doors and went out of business. WC was an exciting, new start for me, to say the least.

Producing, editing and hosting The Writers’ Circle was a labor of love. I put many hours into the planning, production and editing process of each and every show.

I put an incredible amount of time, labor and love into WC. I did all the editing of all the shows produced. I was solely responsible for lining up guests for the show. And, last but not least, I hosted the show. I learned a lot from it all. It forced me to grow and evolve as a journalist and a television talk show host. It was like learning how to swim by being thrown into the deep end of the swimming pool.

I remember that on some of the shows, I would put up my post office box address on the closing credits. To my surprise, I did receive a considerable amount of favorable letters.

The Writers’ Circle would feature an interview, each week, with a local up and coming local writer from northern New Jersey.

It’s not easy to produce, edit and host a weekly television talk show and hold down a full time job at the same time. It was at the dawn of Year 2000 that I landed an editing and copy writing job at an ad agency in northern New Jersey. My new job at the ad agency required a lot of late hours. The strain was too much and I said farewell to the Writers’ Circle project. Something that I still regret to this day.

Looking back, I realize how blessed and fortunate that I was to have such great guests on the Writers’ Circle. The true success of the show was in the insight and intelligence of the show’s many different guests.

Looking back, I know that a big success of the WC television show was in the incredible guests that I was fortunate to have on the show. Most of them were up and coming local writers, who made their home in northern New Jersey. If truth be told, I learned so very much from having the golden opportunity to interview so many incredibly gifted writers. Something that I still cherish to this day.

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  1. Very interesting life , Richard.

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