The Eerie, Haunting Quality of Madeline Avenue

In dreams, I return to my old childhood home on Madeline Avenue. The homes were very close together there.

The Eerie, Haunting Quality of Madeline Avenue

By Richard James Mabey Jr.

For the past few months, I keep dreaming that I am returning time and time again to my old childhood on Madeline Avenue in Clifton. Some of my dreams are quite haunting. They have an eerie quality. They are so real that it often shakes me up when I awaken from my dream.

The homes on Madeline Avenue were very close together. And, we were on the hilly part of Madeline Avenue. I remember that as you walked up Madeline Avenue, about a block up from my old house, there was a little corner grocery store. This was by no means a big supermarket. Rather, it was a small mom and pop grocery store. They mostly sold fruits and vegetables. I still remember that the store had this unique odor to it. While it was a kind of musty odor, it was also an odor that flowed from the fruits and vegetables. It was very subtle.

Lately, I am wondering about my dreams of Madeline Avenue. They seem so very real. Could it be that I am going back in time? Or, am I visiting a parallel universe, where my younger self is reliving the day to day life that I knew on Madeline Avenue on another Madeline Avenue somewhere in space and time?

I know all of that sounds Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Still, I can’t help but to wonder. Because these dreams that I have are that real.

My younger self, Dicky Jim, standing on the front porch of my dear old home on Madeline Avenue.

Sometimes, in my dreams, I find myself standing just outside the front door of my old home. I want to knock on the door. But something stops me. I get ready to hit my knuckles on the front door and knock on the door. But, it is so strange, something stops me.

Then the strangest thing of all happens. I look to my left and there is my younger self, Dicky Jim. He is standing tall and proud, this little boy, about four years old. I kneel down to talk to him, then I realize that he cannot see me. And, I wonder if he can sense my presence.

All of these things have caused me to wonder. I confess that lately I have felt an incredible homesick feeling for those precious days of innocence of my early childhood at Madeline Avenue. All I am saying is that I am not closing my mind to any possibilities.

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