Reflections of Madeline Avenue

This picture was taken on March 24th of 1958. I was four years old. It was the old clever trick of taking a picture of Dad, as he took a picture of me!

Reflections of Madeline Avenue

By Richard James Mabey Jr.

For some, strange reason, in dreams, I keep returning to my home of my early childhood on Madeline Avenue in Clifton. Sometimes, I dream that I am walking about on the front yard of my childhood home. Other times, I dream that I am sitting on the steps, looking out at my little backyard. Other time, I dream I am traveling through the inside of my old childhood home.

It is a gentle whisper that beckons me, that calls me. My dreams are so real that when I awake I feel as though I really had just walked through the rooms of my old childhood home. It is sometimes a bit disturbing. At other times, a peaceful feeling swirls inside my heart, upon awakening in the morning.

I wonder if other people, upon reaching the middle of their 60’s, visit their old childhood home in dreams at night. It is a very unique feeling. For when I travel through my childhood home, in dreams, it is as if I am a ball of light and can travel easily and without any effort at all. It is closer to the feeling of simply floating about in the air.

At the age of four, I had this little battery powered car that I would drive around in, inside my house.

When I was four, I had this little battery powered car that I would drive around in, inside my old childhood home. I was a happy child. An imaginative and creative child. Sometimes, when I visit my old home in Clifton, I will see myself as a little boy, driving around in that battery powered car.

Madeline Avenue was a happy time for me. It was a joyous time. They were the days of innocence. There is the whisper, the gentle call, the homesick feeling. It beckons me.

Sometimes, I think how I would love to go back in time, to give my little other self some kind words of encouragement. To look at his innocent smile. To just see that little boy, my younger self, for just five minutes.

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