Remembering The Creative Arts Circle

I am proud of the success that the Creative Arts Circle enjoyed. In many ways, it was one of my major accomplishments of my life.

Remembering The Creative Arts Circle

By Richard Mabey Jr.

The Creative Arts Circle was a medium for positive thinking and improving self image. We met monthly at the Lincoln Park Public Library, from 2000 till 2004. The group enjoyed a great success and made headway for many people to step out of the job they were in and move on to another employer to find a better job. Or, better still, some people dropped out of the corporate ball and chain and found the courage to venture out to start their own businesses. When I look back, I am happy that I took the time to start up the Creative Arts Circle.

This is one of the articles announcing one of my favorite talks that I gave at a Creative Arts Circle:

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  1. Sometimes in life you have zig instead of zag. You really do have to go your own way.

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