Remembering The Lincoln Park Museum

A photo of myself standing in front of the Lincoln Park Museum.

Remembering The Lincoln Park Museum

By Richard Mabey Jr.

At the dawn of 1996, at the age of 42, my life took on some new and exciting beginnings. It was at that time that I left the comfort and safety of working as a writer and editor in the Public Relations Department of a large telecommunications company. To save myself from being sued, I will call the company Amalgamated Telecommunications. I had worked there for a little over a decade. Truly, it was time to move on.

At the time that I worked at AT (Amalgamated Telecommunications) I moonlighted, working part time for a local regional weekly newspaper. I wrote mostly feature articles and human interest stories. So, when I left AT, my Editor at the paper was very happy to increase my responsibilities at the paper, thus increasing my weekly paycheck. It was all falling into place.

As if the odds were ten million to one, a volunteer job that I had been doing for a couple of years, turned into a paying, part-time job. And, that was the job of serving as the Curator for the Lincoln Park Museum.

The exterior view of the Lincoln Park Museum.

The Lincoln Park Museum was once the town’s library. When they built a larger library, around 1967, they converted the little library into a town museum. It is still a museum to this day.

I loved working at the Lincoln Park Museum. I learned the process of professionally framing pictures and documents. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, from one in the afternoon till five in the evening, I would open the museum to the public for tours. I gave all the tours to the people who would stop by and visit the museum. Amazingly, I did get a lot of people to come to visit this quaint and charming museum.

A view of a portion of the interior of the Lincoln Park Museum.

Also, I would give tours to groups. Over the years, I must have given well over 50 group tours. This included group tours for Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops, grade school classes, church youth groups, and one time the town Little League did a group tour of the town museum. I think the children and adults who took the group tours had fun and learned about the history of Lincoln Park. I got a significant number of thank you letters from various organizations who took my group tour.

I learned a lot from my years as Curator of the Lincoln Park Museum. I served as Curator for the museum from 1996 till 2005, when I left Lincoln Park to move to a small town in Central Pennsylvania. I dearly cherish my memories of the Lincoln Park Museum.

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