Remembering Little One’s Love for the Snow

When it snowed out, Little One would look outside from the kitchen window. She would look up at me with the saddest eyes, as if to say, “I wanna go out and play in the snow!”

Remembering Little One’s Love for the Snow

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Little One was the cutest little gray striped cat that you ever saw. She had a mind of her own. She had this quality of steadfast determination. In other words, she got her way! Little One was my cat from 1977 till 1989. She was a good cat. She was all so very loyal. She was an incredible hunter. She was an indoor cat, who we would let outside during the day. Little One loved the snow. I mean to say, she really loved the snow!

We used to have this little cabinet by the back kitchen window. Little One could easily jump up on it and look outside. Whenever Little One saw it snowing, she would sit on that little cabinet, look out the window and meow and meow and meow to go outside. And, when you came over by Little One, she would look up to you with her sad eyes and softly meow. It was as if she was saying, “I wanna go outside and play in the snow! Please!”

Little One just loved playing out in the snow. It was her favorite time of year.

You just could not turn Little One down, when she looked at you with those sad eyes. So, I would open the kitchen door and Little One would hop off of the little cabinet and head out to the enclosed porch. Then I would open the side door to the great snow-covered outdoors. Little One would run from the kitchen door to the side door and run outside and climb down the side steps. Then she would turn around and look at me for a moment, as if to say thank you. Then she would jump and play in the snow. She was such a funny cat! I loved her very much.

I regret that I didn’t take more pictures of Little One playing in the snow. I would make a little snowball and throw it in the air. Little One would try to catch it. I would pack the snow lightly, so that it would not be too solid when she would jump up and try to catch the snowball. She was such an athletic little cat.

Back then you only got 24 pictures on a roll of a film. Then you had to go to the drug store or the grocery store and put them in an envelope and wait for a couple of days for the film to get developed. It was kind of a costly process. So, I tended to be conservative with taking pictures with my camera. Oh, to turn back the calendar for even just one hour. To once again see Little One play in the snow just one more time. Oh, if it were only possible.

Please do cherish the simple moments in time. Enjoy them immensely. Especially if you’re young. Because one day you wake up and you’re old and gray and in a gated community in Central Florida, longing to be young again. Longing to see your dear, sweet pet kitten jump and play in the snow, just one more time.

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6 Responses to Remembering Little One’s Love for the Snow

  1. ackermari says:

    Your last paragraph made me thing of the Twilight Zone episode “Kick the Can”!! Hope all is well…..

  2. What a sweet story. I love cats and this one was a cute one.

  3. What a touching post. Your last paragraph is so true. Thank you for sharing, Richard.

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