Blog #400

This marks my 400th blog!

Blog #400

By Richard Mabey Jr.

This very blog marks 400 blogs that I have written and posted. Kind of an accomplishment, in its own rite. A kind of milestone. I have written about the joys and splendors of boyhood in small town America in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. The old tree fort, the clubhouse, the old gang, the corner sweet shop, playing baseball in the big open field, climbing trees, exploring the woods, building car models, and walking home from school with the cute girl down the street. All of it, all of it, valid boyhood experiences.

Highway 400 is a bit of a bumpy road. But it is the very road that leads to Highway 500.

I have written of the pains of coming of age. The first serious crush on a girl. The first car. Struggling through high school chemistry. The struggles to earn Eagle Scout. The joy and splendor of being the Captain of the Senior Klondike Derby Team. The sadness of taking down the old tree fort. The insecurities of graduating high school and starting college. The pain of breaking up with the first girlfriend, who saw you through your senior year of high school and two years of college.

Like a tough, mean NASCAR race, writing 400 blogs did not come easy.

I also reflected on the pains, sorrows and insecurities of being a writer. Struggling, struggling and struggling to get a book manuscript published. Dealing with the rejection. Dealing with the cruel criticism. Dealing with the self questioning. Digging deep to find inspiration, to find motivation, to find the energy to carry on. To dream, to imagine, to hold dear to heart the possibilities.

Even when Stan Lee published Avengers #400, I am sure there was still the thought of “what will be the basic plot for Avengers #401?”

But a man can only reflect on a milestone accomplishment for only a few minutes. Because he knows that there is more work to do. That Blog #401 is not going to write itself. There is a certain responsibility, a certain calling to do one’s very best. To overcome self doubts, to reach for the stars and to dig deep within oneself to find the imaginative thoughts to create even newer concepts, plots and themes.

The fireworks to celebrate the 400 mark are bright and colorful. But they only last a few minutes. Then its back to the drawing board to write, write and write!

There is a certain sense of accomplishment that fills my heart. Writing 400 blogs is quite an accomplishment. But still, there is more work to do. Writing is hard work. Please don’t let anyone tell you that writing is easy. Writing is hard work. So, for a minute or two, I’ve given myself a little pat on the back. But alas, Blog 401 is calling me to be written.

The golden marker of 400 blogs is a milestone that I really did not see myself arriving at, when I first started writing “Journey to Truth.”

When I first started writing “Journey to Truth” I did not really think that I would make it to the 400 mark. So, in that way, I think I surprised myself. But alas, there is work to do. A lot of work to do. I’ve got to work that much harder to get my book published. And, I’ve got to work that much harder to come up with new ideas and concepts, in my journey to reach the milestone of Blog #500. Thank you, each and every one of you, for all your kind support of my blog so far. Thank you very much!

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3 Responses to Blog #400

  1. What an accomplishment! Congrats, Richard! 😊

  2. Its a huge accomplishment. Most blogs do not get this far. You deserve a pat on the back and hearty congradulations.

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