A Tribute to Blackie of Knothe Farms

A photo of Blackie and I.

A Tribute to Blackie of Knothe Farms

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Blackie was a dear, sweet elderly cat of Knothe Farms in Randolph, New Jersey. Blackie was one of the best hunting cats I have ever known. When I would visit my Aunt Alice and Uncle Pete, practically every morning, Blackie would bring a field mouse to their side door. It was Blackie’s way of saying that she loved them.

Blackie walking in the grass, on her way to the forest to catch a field mouse.

I loved Blackie very much. Blackie knew how much I loved her. Whenever I would arrive at the Knothe Farm for a visit, within a few minutes Blackie would be there to say hello to me. I remember, so very well, how Blackie would buck her head against my legs. Then I would pick her up and hold her. I would pet Blackie’s forehead and she would purr and happily meow. Blackie was such a sweet cat.

Blackie had this sense of purpose in life. When she would leave the yard to go off to the forest, you could sense her concentration.

Whenever I went to visit my Aunt Alice and Uncle Pete, I would always bring a bag of treats for Blackie. Party Mix was Blackie’s favorite. She loved the seafood flavored ones. I would give her a small handful of the treats and she would look up to me with such gratitude. She was such a loving cat. But, she was also tough. One time she brought this long snake to the doorstep. Amazingly, she had managed to kill this powerful snake. Blackie was incredible.

Blackie would look up to me and meow to me to give her some of the treats that I had brought for her. She was such an adorable little cat.

Sadly, Blackie went to the Rainbow Bridge a couple of years ago. When my Aunt Alice called and told me that Blackie had just died that day, I cried. I mourned for little Blackie for well over a week. Blackie was my dear friend. I still miss her very much.

Another photo of Blackie and I.

One time, I walked with Blackie to her hunting grounds in the woods behind the cornfield. It was funny, as we walked along the path in the midst of the big cornfield, Blackie meowed and meowed and meowed. It was as if she was talking to me. I remember talking to Blackie that day, as we walked along the path, about what a beautiful summer’s day it was. I would pause from talking to Blackie and she would stop and look up to me and meow at me. It was kind of cute.

Blackie had a sense of pride about her. She walked with such a proud stride, as if she was royalty.

One night, here at home in Florida, I awoke in the middle of the night. I felt a cat nudge against my leg, the way that Blackie would do. I turned on the little light by my bed and saw this ghostly image of Blackie. This was shortly after Blackie had passed away. In many ways, I felt that Blackie came to visit me to say goodbye to me. It was as if Blackie came to tell me that she loved me.

Blackie at her little bench where she would eat and get a drink of water.

Now, when I visit my Aunt Alice and Uncle Pete in New Jersey, there’s a bit of sadness that fills my heart. Blackie is gone. Blackie’s food dish and water dish are still on the little bench beside the side door of the Knothe Homestead. For there is now a new cat living at the Knothe Farms. A cute little gray cat. Still, there is an air of sadness. For Blackie is gone.

Blackie’s food dish and water dish still rests on Blackie’s little bench. For there is now a new cat residing at Knothe Farms.

In so many ways, Blackie was such a good and dear friend to me. I loved her very much. Her memory abides in my heart. Blackie was a loving cat. She was an incredible hunter, she was fearless. I still miss her very much.

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4 Responses to A Tribute to Blackie of Knothe Farms

  1. Blackie is adorable. I’m sure she was a wonderful kitty and companion. I would miss her too!

  2. Dear Dr. Phoebe,

    Thank you for kind words about dear, sweet Blackie. She was an incredibly intelligent cat. When you looked into her eyes, you could see that she had a higher awareness than the average cat. Rarely, had I ever seen a cat who was so amazingly fearless.

    If you look at the third picture, from the top of this blog, you will see two beams of white light passing through Blackie’s neck. This is not a photo shop trick. This was one of the last photos I had ever taken of Blackie. It just seems that she is being blessed from above.

    Blackie loved to roam the big forest, behind the huge cornfield, at my Uncle Pete’s farm. This farm is one of the last working farms in Morris County, New Jersey. It originally was 120 acres in size. But my Uncle Pete had to sell off almost a third of it to keep up with property taxes and all. So, now it is 85 acres in size. Their main crops are corn and tomatoes on the one side of the farm. Across the street, about 40 acres are devoted to growing Christmas trees.

    Thank you for all your kind support of my blog.

  3. Blackie was such a cute kitty. Its amazing how some animals transcend being pets and become family.

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