Robin’s Kindness


Robin’s Kindness

By Richard Mabey Jr.

In the past few days, I have had such a big writer’s block. It almost seems as though my writer’s block has been this big wall that is impossible to climb over. I see my writer’s block as a big boulder along a forest path. Writer’s block is real. It is not a joke. It is horrible.


I went to the bank today. Simple transaction, a withdraw. Robin was the teller who waited on me. Robin is a rather attractive woman with blonde hair and a pretty smile. I had so much on my mind when I walked into the bank. Sometimes life gets tough.


Mom just finished this exhausting, two week long series of intravenous antibiotic treatments for a bacterial infection she is fighting. The cost of living keeps going up. I am struggling, working so hard to get my book published. I have become immune to rejection letters. Life gets tough sometimes.


At any rate, a gift of kindness was bestowed upon me. Robin noticed my Batman watch. She complimented me on it. And, in that moment, my worries all seemed to evaporate. All my concerns and worries that had filled my heart and mind, dissipated into the ethers. Gone. My worries were gone. In that moment, I found myself breathing easier again.


Robin is a rather attractive lady. To tell the truth, I find myself a little intimidated by her good looks. But somehow and someway, I overcame my shyness and asked her who her favorite Batman actor was. Robin mentioned Christian Bale. I managed to win over my shyness and tell Robin that I was true blue to Adam West.


What amazed me is that Robin told me that she was looking forward to the new Batman movie, with Ben Affleck portraying Batman. Robin’s act of kindness touched my heart. Her simple compliment uplifted me. There was a moment of joy and happiness in talking about Batman with this wonderfully, charming lady, if only for a few moments.


Never under estimate the positive power of an act of simple kindness. Kindness has wonderfully good effects upon people. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind to someone. It doesn’t take rocket science genius to be kind to someone. Sometimes, simply complimenting someone on their Batman watch can have an amazingly positive effect upon the recipient.


Sometimes, a simple act of kindness of complimenting someone on their Batman watch, can help the recipient find the joy, splendor and wonder of life. Enough to overcome a week long battle with writer’s block. So, Robin, if by chance you stumble upon this blog and recognize yourself, thank you!

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4 Responses to Robin’s Kindness

  1. Kindness is so over looked in our society. People forget about how one little act of kindness can make someone’s day.

  2. Robin says:

    Robin here from the bank! Glad to make you have a good moment!!

  3. Hello Robin, I am so glad that you got to read this blog. You truly have a kind heart. Please know that you are touching hundreds and hundreds of people’s lives with your kindness. Please, never let the meanies get the best of you. Stay true to your kind heart!

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