Remembering Grandma Mabey

This is one of my favorite blogs that I have written. One of the top bloggers in America, who has had high honors in the blogging world, brought this to my attention this morning. So, I decided to reblog this true story. In many ways, it has helped me to refocus the core theme of my entire blog series.

Journey to Truth

Mabey Family 1

My beloved Grandma and Grandpa sitting in front of their nine children. Left to right are: Carl (who was nicknamed Skip), Gerald, Edward, William, David, Richard, Violet, Earl and Harold.

Remembering Grandma Mabey

By Richard Mabey Jr.

My paternal grandmother, Bertha (Storms) Mabey, had nine children. By the grace of the good Lord, they were for the most part all healthy and successful in life. Amazingly, most of them served in the armed services and all came home, safe and sound.

Grandma was a woman of strong faith. Of her nine children, five of them served during times of war. Uncle Ed and my dad served in World War II. Uncle Skip, Uncle Dave and Uncle Gerry served in the Korean War. All five of these sons had been placed in harm’s way at one time or another during their terms of service. When the Mabey family would gather for…

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One Response to Remembering Grandma Mabey

  1. Aww your grandmother sounds precious! No doubt she was a remarkable woman, and I’m sure you miss her dearly.

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