Happy Birthday Ron Sanborn!


I remember Ron Sanborn as having one of the most enthusiastic examples of scouting spirit, when he was a scout in Troop 170. This is a recent photo of Ron.

Happy Birthday Ron Sanborn!

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Today is the eleventh of December. Today is Ron Sanborn’s birthday. Ron was, and still is in spirit, as scout of dear old Boy Scout Troop 170. I remember Ron well. As a scout, Ron had this incredible enthusiastic scouting spirit that was overflowing with positive energy.

When my dad was in the hospital and faced with little time left in his fight with pancreatic cancer, Dad would often reflect on his memories of scouting. And, often times, Dad would reminisce about Ron’s overflowing enthusiastic scouting spirit. Ron Sanborn was a model scout.

Ron Sanborn was a Patrol Leader. And, he was a great Patrol Leader. I had the high honor to observe Ron’s leadership style from afar. Ron had ingenious leadership. He was truly a natural leader. I don’t think I ever saw or heard Ron boss around any of the scouts who were in his scout patrol.

A lot of times, right after eating supper, the scouts would want to run around, play capture the flag, explore the surrounding woods, or work on a merit badge. But Ron knew that the patrol cooking gear needed to be scrubbed and cleaned. So what did Ron do? He didn’t yell at his scouts to clean the pots and pans and dishes. Instead Ron would roll up his sleeves and begin washing the dirty pots and pans and dishes. Then Ron would say something like, “hey fellas, come on and give me a hand!” And guess what? There was never any moaning and groaning from the scouts in Ron’s patrol. It was all for one and one for all. That’s the kind of natural leader that Ron was and no doubt, still is.

Back in the early 1980’s, Troop 170 had its own newspaper, The Scouting Journal. I had the high honor to be the Advisor for the troop newspaper. But, believe me, this twice monthly newspaper was completely managed, edited and written by the scouts of Boy Scout Troop 170. This is no joke. I learned a lot from Ron, in his dedicated service to The Scouting Journal.

Ron sold ads for The Scouting Journal. And, wow, could Ron ever sell ads. He had the charisma and charm that made him a natural salesman. There was a combination of energetic enthusiasm and the ability to relate to people that gave Ron the talent to sell an ad to even the grumpiest store owner.

You see, I used to think that editing and writing were the most important aspects of the newspaper business. But, young Ron Sanborn at the age of 12, taught me that advertising was the core of a newspaper. For it is in advertising that a newspaper really pays its bills. And, rarely have I ever known a better salesman than Ron Sanborn.

Today, Ron is a dedicated father to his children. He is a good man. He is the Chief Operations Engineer at one of these big, five star luxury hotels. I know that Ron’s enthusiasm, his willingness to work hard, and his gift of fine leadership skills contributed toward him moving up the ladder in the working world.

I wish my dad was able to see what a big success Ron is. You see, I am Facebook friends with Ron, so I get updates on his highlights in his role as a father and in his professional life.

I often read Ron’s posts and find them very inspirational. Ron is a devoted Christian gentleman and often posts devotionals and Bible verses on his Facebook page.

I am very proud of Ron Sanborn. He is a good man. Yes, Ron Sanborn is a very good man. Happy Birthday Ron!

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  1. A nice tribute to a swell guy.

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