My Day at the Big Comic Book Show


Yours truly with Spider-Man at the big comic book show.

My Day at the Big Comic Book Show

By Richard Mabey Jr.

It was a great day at the big comic book show yesterday. I have not been to a comic book show in a long time. It was just a fantastic day. It was a lot of fun.

There is something special about comic book people. Comic book people have great imaginations, they are incredibly loyal to their favorite super heroes, and they have a wealth of information about the subplots and minor events that has affected their fave super hero in the past decade or longer.


A photo of the main entrance to the Comfort Suites Hotel in The Villages, where the big comic book show was held.

The comic book show that I went to today was held at the Comfort Suites Hotel in The Villages. It was well attended and I am positive that everyone who came to it had a great time. The show was presented by a well known comic book authority in Central Florida, Joe Peace. If Joe were to go on Jeopardy and the category was “Comic Book History,” Joe would walk away with the top prizes.


The back of Joe Peace’s famous “comic book truck” known throughout all of Central Florida’s comic book collectors as “the truck whose cargo is more valuable than gold.”

Admission to the show was ten dollars, but you get ten free comic books when you pay for your entrance fee. This is the best feature, you can choose any ten comic books, among the thousands upon thousands of comic books that are on display in the lobby. just outside the main room. I chose three Fantastic Four comics, four Batman comics, one Thor, one Spider-Man, and one Classic X-Men comic book. All of these books were in great shape. And, they were all bagged with white backer boards!


Yours truly with Deadpool, at the big comic book convention.

I had forgotten just how special it is to go to a big comic book show. Nobody talks politics. Nobody talks about the negative stuff that was on the news the night before. Nobody talks about their aches and pains. You may hear someone talk about how a certain television network is not being true to how their fave comic book hero is really portrayed in the pages of the comic books. But you won’t hear the belly aching about who got elected or who didn’t get elected. Comic book people are special people.


Just one corner of the big comic book show!

At any rate, here’s the big news of the big comic book show! Yours truly won the door prize. It was my lucky day, all the way around. I won about 70 dollars worth of comic books. It was out of sight. My winning stash included “The Shadow” graphic novel. Also, in the stash was a limited series, limited edition run of a special Batman series. It was just a great day all around! And, of course it doesn’t hurt to win the big door prize for the day!


Yet another exciting moment captured on film at the very cool comic book show!

I want to send out a big thank you to Joe Peace for organizing this very cool comic book show in The Villages. He really does know how to put together a fantastic comic book show. What I like so much about Joe’s comic book show, aside from winning the big comic book stash door prize, is that Joe does not gouge in his pricing. His comic book pricing is more than fair.

I know that a lot of my readers live in The Villages. So here’s the scoop if you missed attending this big comic book show. Joe is going to be setting up another big comic book show in January. This one is going to be in the nearby town of Ocala. It will he held on January 21st and 22nd at the Holiday Inn and Suites on 38th Avenue. If you dig comic books, and you live in the area, this is an event you won’t want to miss.


Yours truly with Harley Quinn!

For the record, I receive no money at all for giving Joe’s upcoming comic book show a little plug. I just honestly feel that if you live in Central Florida and you love comic books, you really will have a blast attending this upcoming comic book show! However, please note, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to win the big door prize. But, hey, somebody’s gotta win it!

Well, I’ll put a wrap on this blog. And, remember to circle those dates on your calendar, for the next big comic book show in Central Florida. As dear old Stan Lee would close some of his early Spider-Man comic books, Excelsior!

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