Journey to Truth


Journey to Truth

By Richard Mabey Jr.

The long, enduring journey to truth,

begins at precious childhood,

and then through trials of youth,

a gentle sapling among the wild wood.


This sacred call, this inner voice,

guides us all as a compass bearing.

Right or wrong, each thought out choice,

the Divine wisdom for our sharing.


Hold true along this path,

to find your own sacred way.

Free from judgment and harsh wrath,

heart-felt guidance, do not betray.


Among the cries and the screams,

of ye must believe all of this.

Truth lies in peaceful dreams,

in presence of the Divine One’s kiss.


Blessings come, not from gold,

nor from crates of silver.

Truth is subtle, gently told,

little by little, in precious sliver.


The day and night can be filled,

with argument as to who is right.

Victory comes not to the strong willed,

but to the one who keeps love in sight.

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