Jesus and the Lost Lamb


Jesus and the Lost Lamb

By Richard Mabey Jr.

In the Holy Bible, Jesus spoke of finding the lost lamb, of the joy of finding the lost lamb. In many ways, I believe that Jesus was talking of losing something special, something dear to the heart, something held precious; then once again finding that which was lost. This is painful to write about, but for me, it is finding my true purpose, to be true to myself, to guard my most precious dreams in life.

For too long, I’ve been writing to have my writings fit into my preconceived idea of what a certain editor wants or is looking for in an article or short story. In so very many ways, the sense of being courageous and writing from my heart, without concern of whether an article or short story will sell, has been my lost sheep in recent time.

I prayed a lot today, for the good Lord to guide me to find a renewed purpose and joy in writing. During one time period of prayer, a vision came to me of this great big block of wax just melting away. In reflection, I realize today that the block of wax represents my fears, my anxieties, and my overwhelming focus on writing to make a sale, as opposed to writing from my heart. A deep realization hit me today, I’ve recently watered down my purpose for writing, from the perspective of writing to touch the human heart to writing to make money.

There’s nothing wrong with making money. But, it is wrong to sell out your true purpose, your Divine calling, your inner guidance in order to make a couple of dollars. Sure, bills have to be paid and the cashier requires you to pay for your groceries. But, there still needs to be balance between the idealistic goal and practical reality.

It breaks my heart to hear young people say something like, “I really want to study to be a teacher, but the economy is down, and the odds of getting a teaching job after college aren’t very good.” Variations of that theme, haunt young people today. And, truly it is a real shame.

I’ve often had to take jobs that I didn’t like in order to earn money during times when I was working on a play, struggling with the finances of publishing a small town newspaper, or waiting to hear yay or nay from a long list of magazine editors, to whom I had submitted articles or short stories. During those times, I worked the graveyard shift at a grocery store, stocking shelves. I’ve worked at a garden shop, selling barbecue grills. And, I sweated beneath the hot summer sun doing hard physical work.

But, during those times, I always held dearly to my precious dreams and ambitions. Essentially, the precious lamb. In the past year or so, I allowed that little lamb to roam. And, in doing that, the little lamb became lost. Today, I knew it was time to reel in my heart, to pray, to renew my true dreams and ambitions. I had not realized it, but little by little, in this past year I had been selling out to make a sale of an article or short story. Today, through prayer, I found the lost lamb.

Hold dear to your true ambitions and dreams. Remain true to yourself. Hold precious to the sense of purpose in life that you hold dear to your heart. Don’t sell out. Never sell out. Hold dear the precious lamb of life.

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4 Responses to Jesus and the Lost Lamb

  1. I was always very touched with that parable of the lost lamb. Beautiful post, Richard. 🙂

  2. Good one, Richard. Good to see Jesus pop up in a public blog.

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