When the Tide Turns Against You


People who are socially isolated may be at a greater risk of dying sooner, a British study suggests. But do Facebook friends count? How about texting?

When the tide turns against a person, it can leave them feeling very lonely.

When the Tide Turns Against You

By Richard Mabey Jr.

There are times when we all face betrayal from an old friend, or we hit a roadblock on our journey to seeing our dreams come true, or we go through a time period where it seems that all of the creative and artistic talent within us has dried up. This is exactly the time, when we need to go deep within ourselves and regroup.

There will always be the critics, there will always be the people with cruel tongues, and there will always be the stuck up snobs. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist struggling to sell just one painting; or if you are woodworker, struggling to make a few dollars on some woodworking items that you made; or if you are a photographer trying hard to make a sale to a newspaper or magazine; or if you are a writer faced with the dreaded writer’s block…..you must never stop believing in yourself. Never!

If you believe in a Divine One, then pray for divine guidance and inspiration. If you are from the perspective of being agnostic or atheist, then take time to simply meditate on your past successes; DO NOT spend even five seconds dwelling on any failures. Stay positive! Stay filled with hope-filled energy. Stay firm in your belief in your talents and skills!

So many times, people say, “if only……” If only….I had more education. If only…..I had some connections in my field. If only…….I could get a break in life. If only……..I had a few more bucks in the bank, to take a little time off from my day job to concentrate on my artistic goal in life. The truth of the matter is this. You can spend a full day playing the “if only” game. The thing of it is, it ain’t gonna accomplish anything. Sometimes, you just gotta pull your boot straps up and get back onto the horse.

Please don’t listen to those cruel critics. Don’t listen to the negative voices. Don’t give even one second of consideration to the people who put you down. Stay strong. Stay committed. Stay determined. Yes, you can do it!

A lot of times, people may put you down for one reason and one reason only! They are just plain out and out jealous of your talent. That’s right! They are putting you down because they recognize your great talent in a particular field or artistic endeavor, and they are just plain jealous. It makes them feel good to put you down. At least for a while, they may feel good. But the truth of the matter is that they will eventually have to come to terms with the fact that they are just compensating for their lack of talent and skill, by putting you down.

Here’s the bottom line to success in any given work field, creative pursuit, or artistic endeavor: NEVER GIVE UP!!!! NEVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP!!!! No matter how bleak it may look. No matter how far it seems that you still have to go to reach your big goal. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!

Stay positive! Stay strong! Stay focused on your goal! Please do remember this: YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! YOU’VE GOT THE STUFF TO BE A BIG SUCCESS IN YOUR FIELD!!!!!! JUST NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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