Reflections Of “The Speakers Chronicle” Publication

#1 Richard Mabey AT&T

From July of 1994, the announcement of the creation of “The Speakers Chronicle” publication.

Reflections Of “The Speakers Chronicle” Publication

By Richard Mabey Jr.

This coming Monday, Labor Day, the fifth of September, I will turn 63. It is a strange time to say the least. A hurricane is forming in the Gulf of Mexico, with a plan to attack the Gulf Coast of Florida and then sweep across the northern portion of the state. We are in the midst of a most antagonistic presidential campaign. And, the gated community that I live in, in dear old Central Florida, is expanding its housing developments with insane madness.

#1a Old Man Walking

The lonely walk down the path toward old age.

For me, it is a time of reflection. I seriously find myself, as I continue to walk down the path toward old age, asking the question, “what have I done with this gift of life?” Tough question. To say the least, a tough question.

#1b Box of Paperwork

The box of old paperwork, from eras past.

I’ve been going through some of my old paperwork. Throwing some stuff out. Keeping some stuff. Diaries, journals, newspaper clippings, old books, old receipts, old photos, that sort of stuff. I came across an old newspaper clipping from the Wayne Today newspaper dated the sixth of July, from 1994. It was a short article announcing the creation of my corporate publication, “The Speakers Chronicle.”

#1c Paperboy 1

It was slow going at first editing “The Speakers Chronicle” but eventually it became rather a rather popular publication.

The article began on page four of that issue and continued onto page 19. Sadly, I cannot find page 19 in my boxes of old newspaper clippings. “The Speakers Chronicle” or TSC was a rather unique publication. I guess you could say it was a crossover publication. Like when a song is considered both pop and country. It was a publication of both, Toastmasters International and AT&T. Looking back, it was a bold step for me to start it.

#2 Richard ATT

It was in 1994 that I thought that I had the tiger by the tail. I was working in public relations at AT&T. My television talk show, Cross-Talk, had recently been picked up by Cable Television Network of New Jersey. And, I had just begun a new corporate publication, “The Speakers Chronicle.”

I started out with publishing a quarterly 24-page newsletter, that was printed on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper. I printed 300 copies of the first issue. Within a year TSC was expanded to be a 36-page publication, printed on a higher quality of paper. Also, the circulation had increased to 1,000 copies per issue and TSC came out every month, instead of being published quarterly.

#3 Editor in Chief 1

One of my deepest regrets, is that I stayed on so long at AT&T, and did not start up the Old Lincoln Park Journal again.

Looking back, in so many ways, I regret that I stayed on as long as I did with AT&T. I did not think that they were always fair with me. There was always a hunger in my heart, a calling, to quit investing money in corporate stocks and to start a small town weekly newspaper again. I don’t know why I didn’t simply quit and do just what I truly wanted, to start up the old Lincoln Park Journal once again.

#4 Richard AT&T card

My old business card from my corporate days.

But the corporate world has a way of dangling carrots in front of you. They’ll tell you all the lies you want to hear. They remind you that they’re paying your health insurance and how expensive it is to buy your own health insurance. They’ll use words like security and stability. They’ll even tell you the big lie that they have big plans for you.

#5 Follow Your Heart

Above all else, follow your heart.

If you’re a young person reading this, please do follow your own heart. If you’re dating someone who tells you all the things like, “but you have security at Amalgamated Consolidated,” pure and simple find someone new. Don’t listen to relatives who may tell you that you got it so good at Amalgamated. Listen to your heart, follow your dreams, think big, set high goals; above and beyond the lies and deception of the corporate world.

#6 63 a

For all the young people out there: the last thing that you want to happen, is to be on the dawn of 63, wishing you had listened to your heart when you were younger.

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