One Of The Biggest Mysteries Of Old Lincoln Park: The Mystery of Sugar Hill


One of the all-time greatest mysteries of Old Lincoln Park; the mystery of Sugar Hill. In November of 2001, I had an article published about this big mystery in The Weekly News.

One Of The Biggest Mysteries Of Old Lincoln Park:

The Mystery of Sugar Hill

By Richard Mabey Jr.

The mystery of Sugar Hill is one of the all-time biggest mysteries of Old Lincoln Park. I was fortunate to have an article published about this great mystery in November of 2001 in The Weekly News. After this article was published, my editor received a few letters from old time residents of Lincoln Park. There was a central theme in the letters that Sugar Hill was in fact referred to a specific portion of Lincoln Park’s famous Hook Mountain. That specific area was the are of Mountain Heights Avenue and Grand View Avenue.


I was grateful that my editor did publish this article about the great mystery of Sugar Hill. Being that this was in Year 2001, quite a few of the old World War II era residents were still with us. My editor received a handful of letters confirming that Sugar Hill was a name given to the area of Hook Mountain that ran along Mountain Heights Avenue.

The problem with trying to figure out one of these eerie mysteries of a small town, is that a lot of the people that would have lived in the era, are no longer with us. I remember that when I wrote this article, I deeply regretted that I could not ask my grandparents, Watson and Bertha Mabey, about the details of Sugar Hill.


The newspaper photograph of the very rare photograph of the entranceway to Sugar Hill. The setup for the Sugar Hill sing looked very much like a scout had completed it in order to fulfill his requirements for the Pioneering Merit Badge.

In Year 2001, there was a very rare photograph of Sugar Hill in the old Lincoln Park Museum, located along Route 202. I had taken a 35 mm picture of this old photograph and included with my article, when I submitted it to my editor. To the best of my knowledge it was the only existing remaining photograph of the sign post of Sugar Hill. It is my hope that it is still housed in the old Lincoln Park Museum.


On the back of this original photograph was hand written the words, “Sugar Hill.” I regretted that whoever wrote these two words, did not write a few clues about Sugar Hill.

After my article was published, a few old time residents told me that there was a company that tapped the maple trees, in this area of Hook Mountain, for the maple syrup. I dug and dug, in the files of the old Lincoln Park Museum to find any clues about this maple syrup business being located in Lincoln Park, but could not find anything. It baffled me why something like this would not have had some reference in old newspapers, in old letters, or in more old photographs. The mystery of Sugar Hill truly, remains to be a big mystery of Old Lincoln Park.

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  1. A good post. Its seems you did your homework on this one.

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