Reflections of the Creative Arts Circle

# Richard, Creative Arts Circle

An article from September sixth of 2001, announcing the Creative Arts Circle name change to Life Fulfillment Foundation.

Reflections of the Creative Arts Circle

By Richard Mabey Jr.

From 1999 till 2004, I had the high honor of serving as the President of the Creative Arts Circle, which became the Life Fulfillment Foundation. The name change occurred in the fall of 2001. It was a major event. From that simple name change, I learned a great deal about human nature.

The Creative Arts Circle used to meet at least once a month at the Lincoln Park Public Library. Sometimes, we would meet twice a month. I took my leadership role of this group very seriously. I cannot convey just how serious I took this leadership role. The CAC, later to become the LFF, was an organization that was very near and dear to my heart.

#1 Richard Poetry Readings

The members of the Creative Arts Circle were such a wonderful, fun loving group of folks. We did a lot of prose and poetry readings at several bookstores throughout northern New Jersey.

The key purpose of the CAC was to encourage people to surge forward in their dreams to fulfill creative goals. We had notable speakers give presentations at our meetings. We went out and presented a lot of prose and poetry readings at several bookstores in northern New Jersey. We even presented an improvisational theatrical productions at a local high school. We were on a roll and moving full steam ahead.

Then came the name change. Looking back, it was a big mistake. But, quite a few of the members wanted to change the name of our club. At one of the summertime meetings of 2001, we took a vote on the matter of changing the name of our group. The majority of the people were in favor of changing the name. The majority of the members agreed to the new name of Life Fulfillment Foundation.

Well, what followed was an eye opener for me. Some of the members did not like it that we changed the name of the club. They let me know it, clear as the crack in the Liberty Bell. The conflict over the name change of our club, began to wear on the good energy that had flowed among the membership at our meetings.

Looking back, if I knew that the name change was going to be such a controversy, I probably would have tried my best to convince the membership to keep the name of Creative Arts Circle. It was a big lesson for me.

All in all, I look back on those days, when I held the honor of being President of the CAC and LFF, with much gratitude. I learned a lot about leadership. I learned a lot about human nature. It was a golden opportunity for me to grow in my leadership skills.

From time to time, I think of the people who were members of the CAC and LFF. I wonder if they are still pursuing artistic and creative endeavors. I like to think that I touched their lives in some good and positive way. I like to think that despite any conflicts that ever came up in the membership, that despite it all, folks grew as artists and creative souls. I’ll never know just how much I helped the good people of the CAC and LFF. At 63, it’s simply one of the things I wonder about.

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  1. I quietly wonder if anyone does anything like this anymore. Time sure has changed the world.

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