Divine Protection

# Jesus holding lamb

I was standing in the presence of evil men. I felt the love and protection of Jesus the entire time.

Divine Protection

By Richard Mabey Jr.

I had this moment in my life, wherein I know for certain that I experienced Divine Protection. It was in the fall of 1996. I had just left a long-term employment with a major corporation. That in itself is a long story. Well, it was about one o’clock in the afternoon. I was raking leaves in the backyard at the old Mabey Homestead in Lincoln Park.

It was the strangest thing, none of my neighbors were home. I guess that’s not so strange in this modern day and age. My sister Patti was at work. My mom and dad were visiting my dad’s brother, Earl. So, there I was raking leaves in late October, all by myself.

A large black limousine drove down Mabey Lane and into my driveway. Out stepped six Chinese men. They were all exceptionally well dressed; in black, pin-striped suits. When they stepped out of the limousines, they all looked to their left and right. It was as if they were casing the situation, to see if any of the neighbors were out in their yards.

Then they began walking, down my yard toward me; all six men! I suddenly got this very real, inward feeling that I was in grave danger. The feeling was very, very real. When these men approached me, an aroma of cologne filled the air. It was as if each man had taken a bath in cologne. The smell of cologne was that predominate in their presence.

They approached me in a kind of formation. There was something very organized and military about how they created a strange way of standing together. The man, who was obviously the leader of the group, was walking a few feet in front of the other five men. The other five men were walking in two rows. The first row after their leader, had two men in it. The last row had three men in it. Their walking formation had formed an almost perfect triangle.

I remember my pulse raced. My heart pounded. I got this very real sense that I was in very real danger. I simply prayed over and over, asking the good Lord to protect me.

The lead man walked up to me, invading my space. He was less than a foot away from me. All the men were wearing very expensive suits. I could see that there was this slight bulge, on the left side of all of the men’s jackets. It was obvious that they all were wearing guns, in over-the-shoulder chest holsters.

The lead man was eyeball to eyeball with me. I felt like I was standing in the presence of Satan. He spoke with a Chinese accent and asked me how to get to Route 287. Well, the strange thing about all this, is that there is a gas station not far from my house. The gas station is only about a half-mile down the road, if that. As you drive by my old homestead, you can actually see that gas station as you’re driving down Route 202.

So, immediately, in a flash, I thought to myself, “why didn’t they stop at the gas station for directions?” Then I thought, “Route 202 leads right to Route 287, about two miles down the road, wouldn’t one of these men have a road map?” Plain and simple, asking for directions was just a ruse.

It was such an intense moment. I remember all five of the men, who were standing behind the lead man, looking to the left and right at all times. Some of these men, even took a moment to look behind them.

While I was inwardly praying to the Lord for protection, I simply said to the lead man, “route 287 is down the road, heading west, about two miles or so. You can’t miss it.”

After I gave the lead man directions, he just stood there, staring me down. All of his men, just stood there as well. I remember this so very well. It is stuck in my mind with indelible ink. The man on the lead man’s right hand side, straightened his tie, then put his hand over the area of his chest that obviously was the location of his gun in its shoulder holster. You could not see any of the guns that these men were wearing, but it was very obvious that all of these men were packing guns in under their suit jackets.

The lead man was simply staring me down, not saying a word to me. The other men seemed to be waiting for a signal from the lead man. As the lead man looked into my eyes, I felt strongly that I was in the presence of some very, very evil men. I just kept praying, over and over, a very simple prayer; “Jesus protect me…. Jesus protect me…… Jesus protect me….”

Well, the lead man then coughed. It was a phony cough. He slowly lifted his right hand, in a clenched fist, over his mouth and then coughed again. He shrugged his shoulders. Then he simply said, “thank you.”

And that was all he said, he turned around and began walking away between the men behind him. The other five men then turned around. With military precision, they waited for the lead man to completely walk between them all, to take a slight lead. Then the two men, who were behind the lead man, walked between the back three men. Then they all walked up my yard, to their car. None of them talked to one another as they walked up to the big black limousine.

One of the men opened the front passenger door for the lead man. He was first to get into the limo. The other men then all got into the limo. The driver backed up the limo from my driveway to Mabey Lane. Then he drove up Mabey Lane and then made a right turn down Route 202.

As they drove away, I shook inwardly. There was no doubt in my mind that they were up to no good. There was no doubt in my mind that they were pure evil. There was no doubt that I was in very real danger of physical harm. There was no doubt, in my heart and in my mind, that Jesus was standing there protecting me, the entire time.

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4 Responses to Divine Protection

  1. Scary one, Richard. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

  2. For a long time, after this scary incident, I had nightmares about it. There really are very evil people out there in the world.

  3. Moon says:

    Oh my that was very scary,I was sitting at the edge of my seat in suspense wondering what was going to happen.I do believe the good Lord was protecting you.

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