My Dad’s Christmas Gift to New York City

# # Dad Standing by Old 53

My Dad’s Christmas Gift to New York City

By Richard Mabey Jr.

For well over a decade, throughout the 1980’s, my Dad delivered the big Christmas Tree to New York City. Most of the time the incredibly tall evergreen was trucked from Maine to Manhattan, by one of the greatest truck drivers that ever graced planet earth. As much as that may sound prejudicially in favor of my Dad, it was very true that my Dad was an incredibly talented truck driver.

Dad a 1980 Letter a

Just one of the many letters of appreciation that Dad received from some of the top big wheels of the New York City Port Authority.

My Dad carried with him a certain friendly spirit, a rather charismatic quality, and a true talent to earn the respect of some very high standing and influential people. Such was the case of Dad’s hard work and professional approach to bringing New York City its Christmas Tree each and every year, for well over a decade.

Dad Standing by Old 53

Dad checking out the details of his famous “53-40” tractor trailer combo; before the big, tall evergreen was laid down upon the low-bed trailer. In the background you can see the tall pine tree, destined to become New York City’s Christmas Tree.

My Dad was a stickler for details and for doing things right. Whether it was a school project that my sister or I were working on, or a service project that a scout was completing, or any aspect of his job. Dad believed in checking the small things, making sure the job was done right. I think that was one of the reasons that Dad earned such high respect from some very influential people; such as local politicians, scouting commissioners, managers at his trucking company, or influential people in arenas such as the New York City Port Authority.

Dad 1982 letter

Another one of the many, many letters that my Dad received praising his efficiency and high standard of excellence in his work as a professional long-distance truck driver.

My Dad considered it a high honor to bring New York City its Christmas Tree for well over a decade. The big wheels who managed the Christmas Tree setup in New York City would always mandate to Main Trucking Company that my Dad be the one to transport the tall, towering evergreen to Manhattan.

Dad Open Road

Dad’s legendary “53-40” tractor trailer combo coming into Manhattan, transporting the incredibly tall evergreen.

Each and every one of us has a calling, a purpose. It is that unique talent that is our strength, our charm, our majestic truth. And, from that talent, with the combination of a willingness to work hard and apply ourselves to the task at hand, the world becomes a better place for the completion of that task. We know the very thing we are called to do, we know the task at hand. If we allow ourselves to fall victim to thoughts and feelings of self doubts, then sadly, the world loses out.

For it is not only to be driven to purpose, by the goal to accumulate money. We must be driven to complete great things, by the drive of all the inherent goodness abiding in our hearts. We must be brave, courageous, and seek overflowing self confidence to complete a task, from which people’s lives will be enhanced and enriched, if even for just a few moments in time.

For my Dad, delivering New York City’s its Christmas Tree was such a labor of love. A task that required hard work, detailed planning, and perseverance. And for having done that job, with such professional excellence for well over a decade, I remain immensely proud of my beloved father.

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  1. Your Dad must have been a heck of a guy. I wish I had knew him.

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