Believe in Yourself!

#1 Believe

Believe in Yourself!

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Believe in yourself! Believe in yourself, with a strength and courage that spans a distance deep into space and runs a depth, deeper than the Atlantic Ocean. Believe in yourself, with all the conviction that you can possibly stir in each and every fiber of your heart. Believe in yourself, with the courage of a roar of a lion. Believe in yourself!

#2 Courage

Dig deep in your heart and find the courage, the strength and the deep conviction to overcome any and all self doubts. Believe in yourself! Imagine you are going into battle. It’s going to take all your strength, your courage, your inner conviction to overcome the enemy. And, in reality, the enemy is our own self doubts about ourselves. We can never give into those feelings of self doubts. Never! We must stand strong and tall. We must give it out all. There is a success, just a bit beyond our reach, that is such a great success level; it is hard to even imagine. But it requires stretching every fiber, every muscle, every ligament; stretching forth with great courage and conviction. Simply put, believe in yourself!

#3 scars

The scars of self doubts and emotional hurt are tough to heal. But we must cover our scars of emotional hurts with the salve of courage, the salve of a deep-seated belief in ourselves, the salve of inner conviction.

#4 cruel

For myself, personally, one of the deepest emotional scars that still haunts me is the cruelty that I endured from so very many teachers at my grade school, Chapel Hill School and at my high school, Boonton High School. So many of my teachers were incredibly insensitive and had a haunting cruel streak. They would often mock and ridicule my last name. They would make jokes about my last name.

I remember in grade school, working out a math problem at the blackboard and the teacher announcing to the class, “maybe Richard Mabey will get the right answer.” Of course the students would all laugh. Then the teacher would mockingly laugh at her own dumb joke.

#5 truth

The truth of the matter is that the surname Mabey is a fine, distinguished, honorable English name. It is one of the oldest surnames of English descent in America. It is a name that held representation in every war that America has ever fought, beginning with the Revolutionary War. So, to all the dopey teachers who mocked my last name, when I was a child and a teenager; you are all complete morons!

#6 lion

No, it isn’t nice to call many of my old teachers, morons. But sometimes that is what you have to do. You can’t be mealy mouthed about it. You have to stand up for yourself. Find the fierce, courageous lion within you. Realize there are cruel people in the world. Sometimes they take on the role of teachers, religious leaders, police officers, elected officials, dentists and doctors. Cruelty is cruelty, no matter what title or cloak an individual hides behind.

#7 win

When all the dust has settled, think WIN! In fact, think WIN BIG! Constantly tell yourself, “I am a winner!” Tell yourself over and over again, “yes I can, yes I can!” Don’t ever give into another person’s harsh and cruel criticism that they may thrust at you. Think Batman! Think Captain America! Think Iron Man! Cruel people are a dime a dozen. There will always be cruel people in your life. Ignore them. Don’t give them even one second of consideration. Believe in yourself!

#8 determined

Hold a fierce, courageous determination in your heart. Believe in yourself! Believe in your talents! Believe in your own abilities! Believe in your own intellectual skills! Believe in yourself! Never give in to someone else’s cruel words spoken against you. Never give into that baloney! Believe in yourself! You are a very special person with a very special purpose for living this life on this earth! Believe in yourself! Never stop believing in yourself!

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