Dad holding me as a baby

This is a photo from 1953. My dear mom and dad, Janet and Richard, holding me their first born child.


By Richard Mabey Jr.

My beloved father held me in his arm,

dearly protecting me from harm.

Working with guardian angel,

a father’s love did gel.


O’ sacred father’s love,

inspired from above,

Dad’s heart filled so very much,

with fatherly love in every touch.


Hold dear this sacred moment,

for the way that the good Lord meant,

a father’s love to be,

as far and wide as the eye can see.


To see in this old picture,

love, pride and joy in mixture,

in endearing father’s sacred sigh,

the loving twinkle in his eye.


To realize how truly blessed,

I was in my quest,

to find the father who truly cared,

for in his heart hath he shared.


O’ dear Dad, of goodness cherished,

his hard work and sacrifices flourished.

Throughout his entire life,

he rose above struggle and strife.


Dad gave to his family a home,

his love was a protective dome.

So hard did Dad always toil,

never afraid for hands to soil.


O’ dear, beloved father,

Heaven’s Gate be not farther,

than loving eye can see,

his loving hand forever be.

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