Tribute to Penny

Penny & Sunday

Tribute to Penny

By Richard Mabey Jr.

I remember when I first saw you,

I thought you were out of my league.

For in your eyes lied solemn and true,

your beauty, charm and mystical intrigue.


O’ the afternoon we walked,

to the lake at County College,

and of marriage we talked,

to my heart’s cliff side edge.


I fell so deeply in love,

with you that day.

The angels cried from above,

and I was lost for words to say.


And as we lied,

in the tall grass,

from you there was nothing to hide,

my dear, sweet, mystical lass.


As we held hands,

and looked up to the blue sky,

clouds formed white bands,

I felt our love soaring high.


You looked into my eyes,

Destiny called this moment.

From Heaven could be heard, angels’ cries.

you whispered cherished compliment.


Those words you spoke,

held dear and true,

from your love, my heart awoke

as you whispered gently to me,

“Thomas Wolfe’s got nothing on you,

for in your heart, tenderness be.”


Cruel fate called us each on different path,

you stretched me to do my very best,

you touched my heart as no other woman hath,

on Holy Bible, I would atest.


In recent time, when angels call,

brought you to Heaven’s home,

into deep pain, my heart did fall,

I cried my heart out all alone.


O’ dear sweet Penny,

you challenged me to do my best,

the days I’ve cried are many,

in remembering your beauty zest.

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