Journey to Truth

# Appalachian Trail

I wrote this poem in the summer just before starting my senior year of high school. I had worked on it, during a week-long hike on the Appalachian Trail, that I walked with my dad and fellow scouts of Boy Scout Troop 170.

Journey to Truth

By Richard Mabey Jr.

When truth is told,

with the speaking

of each single word.

It fills one’s heart,

with love to unfold,

and calm replaces seeking,

which once in heart stirred.


Truth is more precious than gold.

It pierces and shatters illusions,

and gives understanding to life.

Its subtleties learned from start,

break apart false concepts we mold.

Fly from us, delusions,

that have created conflict and strife.


Truth is ageless, its substance from old,

its vitality and vibrance,

send forth its flowing youth.

Truth’s quiet voice is its art,

to cherish, grasp and hold,

for illusions, stand not a chance,

in the presence of the glowing truth.

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