PLEASE, Help Make Earl Hamner Jr. a 2016 Kennedy Center Honoree


A great photo of Earl Hamner Jr. sitting on the steps of his old family homestead in Schuyler, Virginia.

PLEASE, Help Make Earl Hamner Jr. a 2016 Kennedy Center Honoree

By Richard Mabey Jr.

This is not a time to be proud. Your help is needed! Very much needed. Sadly, Earl Hamner Jr. was not chosen to be an Honoree of the Kennedy Center for 2015. So, your help is very much needed to help see to it that 2016, is the year for Virginia’s Favorite Son!


Mr. Randy Highsmith has completed this incredibly enormous project of securing 2,495 signatures for the petition to have Earl become an Honoree of the Kennedy Center for 2016. But the folks at the Kennedy Center need to know that America loves Earl Hamner Jr., for all he has contributed to the worlds of literature, television, radio, and motion pictures. Earl is the definitive prolific genius author!


From Twilight Zone to Walton’s Mountain to Falcon Crest and on to a host of other television programs; Earl Hamner Jr. has touched the lives of millions of people, across the globe with his wonderful gift of writing. Here’s the thing in a nutshell: if your heart has been touched by any of Earl’s novels, movies or television shows, then please do click onto the Kennedy Center website and voice your opinion that Earl Hamner Jr. should be an Honoree of the Kennedy Center for 2016. Please! Your help is very much needed.


For myself, personally, Earl Hamner Jr.’s genius gift for writing has deeply touched my heart. I remember in December of 1971, when I saw the premier broadcast of “The Homecoming: A Christmas Story,” the made-for-TV movie upon which “The Waltons” was based on. I was overwhelmed with such a heart-felt identification with this hard working family.


For up to this point in time, most family television shows centered upon an upper middle class, or even upper class, American family. But here, in the story of “The Homecoming,” we came to know this rather poor family, struggling in the midst of the Great Depression. This show was so real, so down to earth, so plain and ordinary; that it really did strike such a chord with the American public.


We came to know and love this close knit family, that lived in a small village in the heart of Virginia. The exterior of their home showed signs of weathering and age, such that it looked like it could very well need a coat of paint. The grandparents and the parents spoke very plainly. There was not even a hint of anyone putting on airs. The show was all so very real, so down home, so unassuming.

Then, in September of 1972, this charming Virginia family returned to our television sets and into our living rooms, as the television dramatic series, “The Waltons.” The show ran for nine seasons, with the last regular broadcast showing of the series, on June 4, 1981.

Earl Hamner Jr. wrote many of the episodes. He was the show’s opening and closing narrator. And of course, Earl served as Executive Producer of the show. In short, Earl Hamner Jr. was the genius behind “The Waltons.”

O’ it would take reams and reams of paper to list and describe all of Earl’s contributions to the literary world, the world of motion pictures, to radio and to television. The bottom line is this: Earl Hamner Jr. definitely deserves to be an Honoree of the Kennedy Center for 2016.

So, please, please, please do click onto the Kennedy Center website and contribute Earl’s name as a recommendation for this award.

The website to click onto is:

Please do take a few minutes to do this. I don’t think that there is anybody who is more deserving to be an Honoree of the Kennedy Center than the great Earl Hamner Jr.!

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