To Publish My Book


The path to the publication of a book, is often filled with roadblocks, setbacks, quicksand, thistle stalks and even some rattlesnakes.

To Publish My Book

By Richard Mabey Jr.

It is often the time when we hit a roadblock, when we are staring at the towering mountain, when we are faced with digging deep to find the courage to cross the high ravine on the rickety footbridge….that’s when we’ve got to find the fighting lion in our hearts.

There will always be the nay sayers, the cruel critics, the mean people, the jealous ones; to tell us that we’re not really smart enough, tough enough, good enough to make the grade. There are the people who simply love to walk around with their noses in the air, showing off their expensive watches, and driving around in their overpriced cars; looking down upon us, making us feel inadequate.

I’ve recently suffered a setback in my goal of seeing my book become published. Ironically, it’s made me stronger, more determined, the fire burns even brighter within the chambers in my heart, the fierce energy within me would put the Incredible Hulk to shame. If there’s a brick wall in my way, I’m going to knock it down. If there’s a huge mountain that I’ll need to climb, I’ll roll up my sleeves and bravely make the climb. No one and nothing is going to stop me.

My book isn’t about a spy who attracts drop-dead gorgeous women to him. It isn’t about a futuristic flight to Mars. It isn’t about costumed superheroes. It is not filled with suspense and cliff-hanging drama. It centers upon a shy, quiet, studious boy growing up with a strong father and a loving mother. He holds dear the role of being a big brother to his little sister and younger cousins. He is the unlikely candidate, who successfully fights a year-long battle of a strep infection attacking his heart. He is the one who struggles, falls down, gets up; again and again. He is the one who has the fire burning in his heart and succeeds to become the Eagle Scout.

I know there are those who will laugh at this theme, this concept. They’ll tell me that it’s out of place with our modern world. They’ll tell me that my novel lacks edge-of-the-seat drama. They’ll tell me that it’s just too plain, too ordinary, too corny. To them I say, “get out of my way, cause nothing’s stopping me!”

There is always the phony intellectual. The one who sits with his nose so high in the air. The critic. The one who never, ever rolled up his sleeves and faced the challenge of a blank piece of paper. The one who thinks he knows everything, but never faced the deadline to have a big news story completed by five o’clock in the afternoon, when it’s quarter to five and there’s still a lot to be written.

To all my readers who find themselves belittled by their friends. I say to you, with all the sincerity I can muster in my heart, you need to find new friends. To all the students, dealing with teachers who criticize and tear apart their creative endeavors; I say to you show respect, but know that those teachers don’t have the final say. To those filled with self doubts about fulfilling their life dreams, I say to you; know that you were created by all the wisdom of the universe. You are a special and unique individual. Nobody else has your exact fingerprints. Nobody else has your exact DNA. You are a beautiful and wonderful person. There is not another single person on planet earth who is exactly like you.

Smash the brick walls that are blocking you from your goals in life. Climb the mountain to the highest point. Dig deep to find limitless courage. Rip through the layers of self doubts. Dig deep to find your true purpose in life. Don’t let anyone put you down!

Love and respect other people. But don’t let them put you down!

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