Thank You, Mom

#1 Mom

My beloved mother has always been a dear, sweet mom to me.

Thank You, Mom

By Richard Mabey Jr.

My mom, Janet (Kemmerer) Mabey recently celebrated her birthday. Mom, my sister Patti and I went out for dinner at one of the Italian restaurants in our gated community in Central Florida. It was a nice little time.

My dear mom played a monumental role in my own personal development as a young child. During my days of very early childhood, Mom would read a story to me each and every night before I dreamt off to sleep. I think that the time Mom invested in reading to me, helped me in a great way to develop my creativity and imaginative thinking. I am so dearly grateful to my mom for reading me a story, each and every bedtime, in my early childhood.

#2 Mom

My mom was, and still is, a devoted Christian woman. I know that Mom loves the good Lord with all of her heart. Mom taught me to pray when I was a very little boy. Aside from reading bedtime stories to me, Mom would often read Bible stories to me during the day, in those years of my very early childhood. This helped to give me the opportunity to have a personal relationship with the good Lord.

#3 Mom

During the days of my young manhood, I remember how Mom would have plants growing all about the old Mabey Homestead. There would be plants all over the inside of our home. Then the walkways, the front lawn, the side lawn, the area beside our home, would all be filled with flowers and plants. It gave a kind of elegance and charm to our home.

#4 Mom

As long as I can remember, Mom has always had this fun loving side. When we would all fly down to Florida and visit Disney, Mom would have so much fun. Mom wasn’t much for going on the roller coaster and scary rides, but Mom loved to simply have fun. Mom always loved Donald Duck. So, when she got to meet Donald at Disney it was such a fun moment in time. The days of visiting Disney are a precious memory to me.

#5 Mom

From time to time, we would have these big bash birthday parties for Mom. We would rent a room at a restaurant or at the American Legion Hall and invite a long list of friends and relatives. Mom would always take such a painstaking long time to open each gift. It would get everyone laughing and her nieces and nephews would then holler out, “come on Aunt Janet, just rip open the wrapping paper!” Mom is very well loved by her nieces and nephews.

#6 Mom

During our days here in Florida, before our beloved Foxy went Home to the Rainbow Bridge, Mom would bring Foxy along with us when we went shopping. We would put Foxy in the carriage and Mom would push our dear, sweet Shetland Sheepdog all around the store. If any of the employees challenged us, we would tell them that Foxy was Mom’s comfort dog. And, if they wanted to see our official papers, they were in the car. Most of the time the challenging employee would say something like, “that’s okay. But, be discreet.”

#7 Mom

A few years ago, we had a big time birthday party for Mom at a local steakhouse. It was a blast. It was attended by our pastor and his wife, neighbors and relatives. The big deal of the day was that Mom’s sister, Alice and her husband Pete were visiting during that time. Mom was so happy to have her sister and brother-in-law attend her big birthday party bash.

The good Lord blessed me with a wonderful, kind, gentle, loving Mom. She taught me to love the Lord with all my heart. She taught me to be kind to people. Mom taught me how to gently care for animals. She taught me to care for plants. Mom taught me to love all of life. I thank the good Lord for having such a dear, sweet Mom.

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5 Responses to Thank You, Mom

  1. mark barrett says:

    Very nice Richard. Your Mom is a very special lady. As all the ladies are from that family. I always felt genuine love and a kind spirit. Nice tribute to her!

  2. Your mother is indeed wonderful! 🙂

  3. PuppyDoc, Thank you for your kind words. Yes, my Mom is a very wonderful mother. I am truly blessed.

  4. Reblogged this on Journey to Truth and commented:

    One of my favorite blogs…..

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