To Publish A Novel

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The process of having a novel published, is often slow and filled with high mountains to climb over.

To Publish A Novel

By Richard Mabey Jr.

The process of publishing a novel is not easy these days. Well, if you’re a commentator on Fox News or CNN, it’s pretty much an easy thing to accomplish. But for the most part, for a basically unknown author, it’s a pretty tough trail to walk down.

About 90 percent of my entire comic book collection will soon be auctioned off. It came to over 2500 comic books. Now, before you decide that I’m crazy to have that many comic books; please note that a great deal of them, I had bought when I was a kid. Then in my early twenties, I lost myself in comic books. Buying and collecting those hard-to-find, rare issues.

I’m very nervous about how my comic book will do at the auction. Basically, I’m looking to fund the cost of self publishing my book from the money that I’ll receive my comic book auction. It’s a terribly nerve racking experience.

Previously, in my blog, I’ve given hints at the starring players in my novel. I most recently talked with a retired attorney, here at Happy Land Gated Community. He advised me to not even use real first names. So, for the first time, here are some important decisions I’ve made.

The story, within my novel, will be seen through the eyes of a 16 year old boy named Richard Meaden Jr. Richard comes of age in his old hometown Beaver Valley. And, at 16; this shy, studious, sensitive boy falls in love with this outrageous beauty queen, who is gorgeous and incredibly intelligent. This girl’s name will be Kathleen Appleton.

The name of the Editor-in-Chief of Beaver Valley’s weekly newspaper will be: Thomas Marcino. The Beaver Valley Journal is the name of the newspaper that young Richard writes for, on a part time basis.

I’m keeping the number of the Boy Scout Troop that Richard belongs to. So, it will be Boy Scout Troop 170. Sentimental reasons. It seemed wrong, for some reason, to change the number.

The neighboring town, west of Beaver Valley that is home to the regional high school that Richard attends, will be named Boone Town. Named after the great, historical outdoorsman, Daniel Boone.

The large city where Kathleen Appleton lives will be named Peterstown, located east of Beaver Valley.

I know this is all boring stuff. But it is the very foundation for my novel. While I am awaiting for my comic books to go to auction, I intend to do one more final rewrite of my novel.

I am probably going to publish my novel as a soft cover book. This will help to keep the cost of the cover price of my book to be a more reasonable rate.

Oh, I know this is a bit boring and all. But it is important to me. The very foundation of my novel. The theme of my book will be: a boy becomes a man.

The plot is this: a shy, sensitive 17 year old boy falls in love with a beautiful and intelligent 16 year old girl. The unlikely candidate manages to win the heart of the beauty queen.

I deeply regret that the girl who is the inspiration for the character of Kathleen Appleton, is no longer with us. Somehow, in spirit, I sense that she is with us in some way and some fashion. I regret that I didn’t sell off my comic book collection and have my book published, when she was still alive.

Alas, life ain’t always fair.

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  1. Looking forward to this.

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