Remembering the Fun Side of My Dear Old Dad

#1 Dad and silly sailor Sept 1992

Dad had a side of him that loved to just have fun.

Remembering the Fun Side of My Dear Old Dad

By Richard Mabey Jr.

My dad took his job as a cross-country truck driver very serious. He took his ministry as a Scoutmaster very serious. And, he took his various roles of service to his church very serious. But, then there was this fun-loving side to Dad. I consider myself very honored to have known the fun-loving side of my father. Dad really loved having fun.

#2 Dad taking pix 1992

A great photo of the time Dad was taking pictures of the squirrels running about.

My dad loved taking photos. He had a lot of fun taking pictures. There was something about the fun-loving side of my father that was very contagious. I remember one time, in particular, when my father was having a blast taking pictures of a bunch of squirrels running about. You might say to yourself, “that’s no big deal. Who cares about a bunch of squirrels running about?”

But that was the whole point of the fun-loving side of my dad. He would take the most mundane, ordinary, plain moments of life and find the majesty and wonder in them. I don’t know why it was, but it struck me as an extraordinary moment when I saw my father sitting down, taking pictures of the squirrels in a little path between all of these high-growing plants. I was compelled to take a picture of my dad taking pictures of squirrels. Looking back, I am so very glad that I did capture that moment on film.

#3 Dad with Minnie Mouse 1992

Dad loved Disney World. Here’s a photo of Dad with Minnie Mouse!

My father loved Disney World. We would scrimp and save and then save some more pennies, nickels and dimes, to make the trip to Disney World every so often. And, may the dear Lord bless him, Dad was like a big kid in Disney World. Simply put, he had the time of his life, whenever we went to Disney World.

Dad loved kidding around the Disney Characters. Every time we went to Disney World, we would have “Breakfast With the Characters.” This is where you have breakfast and the Disney Characters come around to have their picture taken with you. To cut through the chase, Dad would have a blast at these breakfast celebrations. My dad had such a great smile.

#4 Dad by neckerchiefs

Dad standing beside the famous scout neckerchief display inside Camp Allamuchy’s dining hall.

Scouting brought great joy to my Dad’s heart. Dad served as Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 170, for over 25 years, from 1966 till 1994. Dad loved every aspect of scouting. From hiking to camping to the big Klondike Derbies to the camporees to the many historical hikes; Dad loved scouting, that’s all there was to it.

I don’t think the average scout had any idea how much time and work Dad put into running Boy Scout Troop 170. Dad kept outstanding records of each and every scout’s progress of his advancement, special medical needs, allergies, and little things such as if a scout was afraid of going in the water. In my book, my dad was a great Scoutmaster. He was a great inspiration to me.

When it’s all said and done, my dad’s fun-loving side was a great inspiration to me. I loved my dad with all my heart. He was a wonderful father. He taught me to respect people. He taught me first-aid skills, how to tie knots, how to use a compass, how to start a campfire without matches, and he taught me to respect nature. I miss him very much.

I live in this gated community in Central Florida. Right now, I am working in the Security Division of this community. I have to deal with a lot of old grumps, mean people and people who are very angry at the world. Sometimes, I wish these old grumps had just a quarter of the love of life that my dad had. Even in the midst of his fight with cancer, my dad kept his sense of humor. Oh, how I loved my dad.

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  1. A wonderful man, no doubt! Thank you for sharing this. 🙂 -phoebe

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