Tribute to My Dad

Dad in Service

Dad standing tall and proud on a dock near Hickam Air Field, during World War II.

Tribute to My Dad

By Richard Mabey Jr.

You stood proud and you stood tall,

and you gave it your all.

Sincerity filled your eyes,

so young, you were so wise.


Your bunkhouse was right next to Pearl Harbor,

at Hickam Air Field did you labor,

sweating beneath the Hawaiian sun,

repairing a P-51 till all was done.


O’ the dear, proud Seventh Army Air Corps,

the central air command, the core,

of the Army Air Force in the South Pacific,

so outstanding, so brave, so terrific.


And all the while,

you kept a smile,

of word of another attack,

the constant watch of radar track.


A best friend was found in a stranger,

in dark, hovering danger,

of the horrible expectation,

and nerve racking anticipation.


For word was out,

here, there and all about,

that Japanese were again due to attack,

without mercy, without any lack.


My dear, beloved father,

this storm you did weather,

to return home

never again to roam.

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