A Tribute to Bobby Arcturas: Amazing Comic Book Seller

avengers 136

Avengers #136, just one of the many comic books that Bobby Arcturas has reviewed in his famous comic book blog.

A Tribute to Bobby Arcturas: Amazing Comic Book Seller

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Sixteen years ago I began selling comic books. First at comic book and collectible shows in northern New Jersey. Then, I began selling comic books on the old Yahoo Auctions. It was the dawn of the Year 2000 and I began having some success with the Internet auctions.

Then, I began buying and selling comic books to a fellow comic book seller, Bobby Arcturas. Bobby was, and still is, the big time comic book seller with a heart. I mostly sold my comic books, one at a time. Bobby told me about the advantages of posting four to 10 comic books on one single Internet auction post. This allowed for the buyer to get a better break on postage. It also gave the buyer the feeling of getting a really big win, when his or her winning bid would win the auction.

For Bobby Acturas, from a strict business point of view, it didn’t make a lot of sense for him to give helpful advice to up and coming competitive comic book sellers. But that’s just the way Bobby did things. He played a big role in creating a “one for all and all for one” spirit for a lot of the comic book sellers participating in the Yahoo Auctions.

Then, sadly, Yahoo gave up the auctions division of their vast website. It was kind of sad. Most of us moved on to eBay. But, to tell the truth, it just wasn’t the same. Not to bash eBay, but their fee set up was quite different and a bit more costly. But, once again, Bobby rallied the cause and acted as one of the leaders in holding the flame of the attitude of “one for all and all for one” among a lot of the comic book sellers on eBay.

A few years ago, Bobby and I both started writing blogs. My blog centered upon the memories of my family and of growing up in a small town in northeast New Jersey. Bobby’s blog, however, focused upon comic books. But even if you never read a comic book in your life, you could still get a lot out of reading Bobby’s blog.

Bobby titled his blog, “Nonsequential Art.” This was a blog that was a little bit different than the usual comic book blog. I think that Bobby Arcturas uses the medium of comic books to present philosophical points of view. It’s also a blog that challenges the reader; causing the reader to think, think, think. It’s not always the usual rah-rah Marvel Comics!

If you would like to check out “Nonsequential Art,” the URL is:


Not all superheroes wear a mask. Not all superheroes wear a cape. The fact of the matter is that some superheroes humbly sell comic books on Internet auctions and write thought provoking blogs. One such superhero of Comicbookville is definitely, the one and only, Bobby Arcturas!

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4 Responses to A Tribute to Bobby Arcturas: Amazing Comic Book Seller

  1. That was a great , heartfelt post.

  2. I forgot to thank you publicly and adequately for your blog about my blog, and about our friendship, which I continue to cherish, lo these many years. You are good man, good friend, and great writer. Thank you again, my friend.

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