Cross Roads

#1 Steve's Barber Shop

This is an article that I wrote about Steve’s Barber Shop back in 2000.

Cross Roads

By Richard Mabey Jr.

There is this calling, it is a gentle and soft voice calling unto me. It is the call of a babbling brook, the quiet whisper of a gentle wind, and the sound of the scurry of squirrels running through fallen leaves. When all is said and done, it is the call of the Divine Spirit. It is the call to true purpose in life.

In going through some of my old papers and things tonight, I found this long-lost article that I had written for the Independent News back in August of 2000. It was a feature article that I had written about the charm and splendor of Steve’s Barber Shop, from back in my hometown of Old Beavertown. Steve is now retired. It brought a certain sadness to my heart.

#2 Richard Speaking

In my time of living here in Gated Community, Florida, I have actually accomplished some milestones. I’ve given a fair number of talks to different clubs and organizations. All of which were dear and precious to my heart. Still, I missed the familiar settings of the library, the community center, the church’s all-purpose room, and the historical museum, where I used to give talks in Old Beavertown. I missed the comfort of seeing familiar faces.

#3 Richard being interviewed

Here in Gated Community, I even took a stand on some controversial issues. A stand, from which, landed me some air time on the local television news. The sense of being Crusader Rabbit, was still alive and well within me. Still, I missed the essence, the quality, the charm of Old Beavertown.

#4 Richard Diabetic Journal

For several years, I served as the Editor-in-Chief of The Diabetic Journal for the Diabetic Support Group of Gated Community. At times, it was a real challenge to come up with new ideas for articles and stories. All in all, I think that I did do some good and did help some people in this role.

#5 Richard Gate Guard

And, of course, there is the job that I have had for several years now of working in the Security Division of Gated Community. Basically, the bottom line of the job is to keep the residents safe and sound. When all is said and done, it looks easier than it really it is.

Despite how wonderful and glorious it all looks here in Gated Community, I have such a deep yearning to once again roll up my sleeves and write stories and articles for a small town weekly newspaper. I miss it all very much.

But, getting out of Gated Community and moving to small town Squirrel Valley, isn’t that easy. It’s a long story. It’s hard to explain. Ask anyone who has tried to leave a Florida gated community and tried to make it back to small town land. It’s a tough thing to do. It would take reams of paper to explain it.

I stay focused. I pray for the good Lord’s guidance. I do my best to listen to the gentle whisper of the Divine Spirit. And, I wonder why it is that this homesick feeling, this yearning to return to writing for a small town weekly keeps growing in my heart.

Peace and harmony,


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