The Thanksgiving Story, Part 4

Grandpa Mabey Jacksonville Rd

A photo of my Grandpa, Watson Mabey. This photo was taken when Grandpa was a young man in 1926, along Jacksonville Road in old Beavertown.

The Thanksgiving Story, Part 4

By Richard Mabey Jr.

I am working on a rewrite of the scene where Grandpa and I are sitting on the old fallen tree, on the path on our walk to the old Morris Canal. I may not get this continuing story done by Thanksgiving Day. In the next few days, before Thanksgiving Day, I will be working extra shifts, in my job as a Security Guard in this large gated community in Central Florida.

Yesterday, I met with an auctioneer to put a large portion of my comic book collection for auction. I plan on using that money to help pay for the price of self publishing my book. Hopefully, I’ll do well financially, selling my comic book collection.

A lot of them go back to the early and mid 1960’s. I bought most of them at Moe’s Sweet Shop in my old hometown of Beavertown, when I was a kid. They’re all 12 centers. Some are quite rare now.

I’m kind of sad to say goodbye to my comic book collection. But, I could use the money to help pay for the publication of my book. I’m 62 now. And, I’m not going to live forever.

I’d like to publish a hardcover edition of my book. But, if I don’t make enough dough on selling my comic books in this auction; I’ll settle for a soft cover edition.

Tomorrow, the extra shift madness starts. So, I’ll say Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends, reading this blog. I hope that we can still say Happy Thanksgiving to each and still be politically correct. Oh, actually, the truth is I’m tired of being politically correct.

I’ll be back in a week or two. When the extra shift madness is over. Till then, Happy Trails!

Peace and harmony,


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