The Blessing of a Loving Mom

Mom and I

Mom and I, when I was o’ so very young.

The Blessing of a Loving Mom

By Richard Mabey Jr.

I was blessed to have a strong, hard working father and a compassionate, loving mother. In so many ways my dad taught me to have an inner strength, to be focused and never to give up on my life goals. My mom taught me to show compassion to people, to be diplomatic and to go forth in life with a loving heart.

When I was a very, very young child, my mom would read a bedtime story to me every single night. I had quite a collection of “Little Golden Books.” Each page had a brightly colored drawing along with a paragraph or two of the story. They each taught a little life lesson.

I remember, when I was very little, that I developed a great love for books. I remember this so very well. I would take my collection of “Little Golden Books” out of my little bookcase and dust each one off. I had a little teddy bear. Every day I would “read” the story, that Mom had read to me the night before, to my little teddy bear. The pictures on each page would help keep me on track of the story line.

My mom helped me to develop a good imagination. When I was very, very little; I had this idea that my toys would come to life at night, when I fell asleep. I remember that I had a tin toy soldier. I used to leave a piece of a cookie, beside the tall tin soldier, every night. This way I knew that he would not go hungry.

There was a certain balance that had to be maintained in my childhood imagination. For there were times when I would have these wild nightmares. My mom would comfort me by telling me that I had a guardian angel who was always looking over me, protecting me.

From a very, very early time in my childhood; my mom would read Bible stories to me. I remember that my single favorite Bible story was the story of David and the giant. It struck a chord in my imagination that this young boy was able to kill the big giant with a sling shot. I would dream, at night, that I was killing a giant with a sling shot. My mom did her best to encourage me to find a love for all the Bible stories. But, I always wanted her to read the Bible story about David and the giant.

Richard as Easter Bunny

When I was a very young boy, my mom made me an Easter Bunny outfit. I dreaded wearing it. But I did, because I loved my mom. A lot of the relatives would come over to visit on Easter Sunday and they all insisted that I wear my Easter Bunny outfit. I dreaded wearing it, but I knew it made my mom happy. So, I put up with all the relatives’ comments about how cute I looked in my Easter Bunny outfit.

My mom taught me to share my toys with the boy next door. His name was Robert Washington. This was when we lived on Hazel Street in Clifton. Robert was my age. When we moved to another section of Clifton, I never saw Robert ever again. I was only three years old at the time. I remember that I would cry because I missed my friend, Robert. Mom would comfort me by telling me that I would make new friends. And, I did. Still, I missed my old friend Robert.

My mom had great patience with me when I was a very, very young boy. I was a very sensitive child, with a very vivid imagination and would get upset easily. Mom taught me that the good Lord loved me. Mom always told me that Jesus was watching over me. I found comfort in this, at times when I got upset over different things.

From the time I was very, very young; Mom taught me how to pray. She would read a bedtime story to me, then she would have me say my prayers.

I am blessed to still have my mom with me, on this side of Heaven. She remains to be a great source of inspiration to me.

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  1. Sounds like you have a great mom 🙂

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