Tribute To Bobby Fick, A Great Senior Patrol Leader

Bobby Fick 1985 Jamboree

Scout’s Honor….This is a photo of Bobby Fick, the taller scout in the picture, who was the Senior Patrol Leader of Boy Scout Troop 170 during the era of the mid 1980’s. To the right of Bobby, is his dad, the late Raymond Fick. Mr. Fick served as Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 170 for several years during the 1980’s. The light that you see traversing through Bobby is not a photo shop trick. This photo was taken during one of our famous “parking lot lunches” as we journeyed to many of Virginia’s historical landmarks, during the summer of 1985.

Tribute To Bobby Fick,

A Great Senior Patrol Leader

By Richard Mabey Jr.

This past week or so, has been a time of fighting a terrible writer’s block. Writer’s block is not a joke to a writer. It’s a very real thing. I think it may stem from trying too hard. Of trying to impress readers and not being true to one’s inner voice.

When fighting writer’s block, I often reflect upon good memories. This past week, I found myself reflecting upon the years that I had the honor to serve, for many years, as one of the Assistant Scoutmasters of Boy Scout Troop 170. I thought about the lessons that I learned from my fellow adult scout leaders and from the scouts themselves.

When Troop 170 attended the National Boy Scout Jamboree in 1985, it was the very first time that the troop had ever attended this landmark event. The National Boy Scout Jamboree is only held once every four years. In 1985, it was held at Fort A. P. Hill in Virginia. It was during this time that Bobby Fick was serving as the Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 170.

Bobby stood tall and strong. He had a very powerful presence, while having a great deal of patience and compassion when dealing with the other scouts. One great example of Bobby’s incredible compassion was how he handled our Troop Bugler. Matthew was a Tenderfoot Scout who knew how to play the bugle. Thus, he became the youngest Troop Bugler in the history of Boy Scout Troop 170.

Matthew, aside from being a talented bugler, was a very enthusiastic scout. Many was the morning when we were camping out that Matthew blew his bugle for wake up call, long before sunrise. I think that a lot of the scouts were ready to steal Matthew’s bugle from him and throw it into the big lake at Camp Allamuchy. I remember one morning when Matthew blew his bugle for the troop wake up call, long before sunrise.

I was awakened by Matthew’s bugle call. In the quiet of the star-lit early morning, I could hear Bobby explaining to Matthew that he had to learn to wait till about a half-hour AFTER sunrise to play the wake up call on his bugle. I remember being impressed with Bobby’s enduring patience.

When we attended the National Boy Scout Jamboree in 1985, Bobby took on the role of big brother to the rest of the scouts. He had incredible patience. During our travels in Virginia, the troop visited many historical sites. We often would eat our lunches in the parking lot. Mr. Heyrich, one of Troop 170’s Assistant Scoutmasters, would cook hot dogs and hamburgers on a portable butane grill. Bobby would make sure that each scout got their lunch, before calling out to all the scouts that “seconds” were available.

As a Senior Patrol Leader, Bobby Fick was the “gentle giant.” He was a tall boy with a heart of gold. He never scolded a boy or shouted at a scout when they did something wrong. He would calmly explain to the scout that he needed to be more considerate of his fellow scouts. Bobby Fick was a fine example of an outstanding Senior Patrol Leader.

Today, Robert is an advocate for animal rights. He is continuously posting educational material, on the Internet, on the subject of humane treatment of animals. Thirty years later, Robert still remains to be a compassionate leader.

As a scout, Robert was well versed in pioneering skills, first-aid, camping knowledge, cooking, long distance hiking and scouting knowledge in general. He took his role as a Senior Patrol Leader very seriously. The same holds true today, Robert takes the role of being an animal rights advocate, very seriously. Looking back, I consider myself blessed to have been an Assistant Scoutmaster in Boy Scout Troop 170, during Robert’s reign as Senior Patrol Leader. I learned a lot about compassionate leadership from him.

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  1. Nice reflection on the ’85 Jambo. I attended the Jambo in ’97. Also at Fort AP Hill. Any more scouting photos from the 1980s? I’d like to see ’em.

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