Would You Buy This Book?

# Small Bookstore

If you were walking around inside a bookstore and you saw this book, would you buy it?

Would You Buy This Book?

By Richard Mabey Jr.

If you were walking around inside a bookstore, would you take out your hard-earned folding money, from your wallet, and buy this book? Please, no wise guys. This is a very sincere question.

Synopsis of the book:

At the age of 62, Richard Meaden finds himself living in a gated community in Central Florida, working as a Gate Guard. He works the afternoon shift. During the lulls in traffic, he thinks of his first girlfriend, Penny Langdon. Penny was the precious one from Richard’s days of his senior year of high school and on unto his first two years of college.

For the most part, Richard has worked his entire life as a writer. He has written for newspapers, worked in corporate public relations, did copywriting at an ad agency, and wrote scripts for a cable television station. Richard knows deep in his heart, that he owes a lot of his success as a writer, to the encouragement that he got from his old girlfriend, Penny. She had this incredible belief in his writing talents. Penny pushed Richard to write for a local town weekly and then to write for his college newspaper.

When the Gatehouse is not overwhelmed with traffic, Richard writes poems and short stories about his memories of the days he shared with Penny. After Richard and Penny broke up, Penny married another man a few years later. Although Richard never married, he was blessed to have a fair number of women in his life.

At the age of 50, Penny is diagnosed with cancer. During Penny’s bout with lung cancer, Richard and her develop an email correspondence that is a very real ministry to each other. Richard becomes the brother that Penny always longed for. Richard, with great compassion, lovingly ministers to Penny in his letters. Sadly, Penny loses her fight with cancer. Years later, Richard still mourns her relatively early death.

Richard finds himself writing true-life memories of his youthful days of being Penny’s first boyfriend. Richard writes these true-life memories in the forms of both short stories and poems.

Please, no wise guys on this one. I’m very, very sincere on this one. If you are my Facebook friend and you choose to be a wise guy on this one, I will simply delete you as my FB friend. Sorry, to be so tough about it. This is something that I really want to have sincere feedback on.

Peace and harmony,


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1 Response to Would You Buy This Book?

  1. Rachel marx says:

    Most definitely would buy this book. My son is 27 and is a writer so I understand the passion of a writer.

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