Penny’s Last Letter

# Angel

Penny’s Last Letter

By Richard Mabey Jr.

On the day before you died,

you took the time to write me.

When I read your letter,

O’ how I cried.

For it was plain to see,

you were never getting better.


You wrote of your high school dance,

our days of teenage romance,

of Point Pleasant, racing go-karts,

and how we broke each other’s hearts.


You wrote that I later became

the brother,

you always longed for.

The wild heart, you had to tame,

for no other,

could calm this shy boy’s roar.


You wrote me,

you weren’t afraid to die.

You wrote me,

not to cry.


I will cherish forever,

the last words you wrote me,

for my heart to uplift:

“Richard never

give up,

you have a gift.”

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