The Broken Vase

Broken Vase on a Wooden Floor

This is a poem that I recently wrote about the broken vase. Penny’s paternal grandparents lived in the apartment above Penny and her family. Penny’s Grandma’s vase was always kept atop the piano in her grandparents’ apartment. I would often listen to Penny play the piano in her grandparents’ living room. One day, we were there alone. Penny reached up to grab a book of piano music. The corner of the book must have tapped the old vase and it fell upon the hardwood floor and shattered.

“No greater love hath a boyfriend, than to taketh the rap for when his girlfriend breaketh her Grandma’s vase.” I believe that quote is somewhere in one of Shakespeare’s plays. Well, if it isn’t, it should be.

The Broken Vase

By Richard Mabey Jr.

When the vase did fall,

your face told all,

for it was your Grandma’s

precious keepsake.

Silent screams, of open jaws,

not a sound did you make.


O’ how we tried

to glue it all together.

O’ how you cried,

when I worked to gather,


All the broken parts.

For it was unspoken,

you knew your Grandparents’ hearts

would be broken.


Your Grandma had

a bottle of Stanley glue,

and I saw how sad,

your eyes were filled with gloom.


But soon,

I had the vase glued together.

But ruined,

was your Grandma’s treasure.


Your Grandma forgave you,

so earnestly.

So dear a heart, so true,

as we sat and drank hot tea.

And I sat with face of shame,

for I took it all, full blame.


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