For Penny

Tear in angel's eye

I wrote this poem yesterday, September 5th of 2015. It was my 62nd birthday.

For Penny

By Richard Mabey Jr.

When you wrote me

and told me….

that your time was near

and that you had no fear

of dying.

In my trying

to bring cheer

to dry your tear

with my words….

Outside my window, birds

flew to the branches

of the old oak tree.

Robins, blue jays, goldfinches

sweetly sang to me.

While I, with pen in hand,

tried to write one single poem,

to show my love had spanned

the salty ocean foam.

While romance died,

still I tried,

to comfort your painful sigh,

you wrote me of how you cried,

when word came to you

of what you already knew.

That your angel’s hand,

would soon be there

to take you to the far land,

to Heaven’s Gate where…

you’d be in pain,

no more.

Peace and harmony,


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