Jesus and the Lost Lamb

Originally from June of 2014. I just thought that I would reblog this.

Journey to Truth

Jesus Carrying A Lost Lamb

Jesus and the Lost Lamb

By Richard Mabey Jr.

In the Holy Bible, Jesus spoke of finding the lost lamb, of the joy of finding the lost lamb. In many ways, I believe that Jesus was talking of losing something special, something dear to the heart, something held precious; then once again finding that which was lost. This is painful to write about, but for me, it is finding my true purpose, to be true to myself, to guard my most precious dreams in life.

For too long, I’ve been writing to have my writings fit into my preconceived idea of what a certain editor wants or is looking for in an article or short story. In so very many ways, the sense of being courageous and writing from my heart, without concern of whether an article or short story will sell, has been my lost sheep in recent time.

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