Farewell Jimmy Olsen

# Richard and Howard B 1

Mr. Howard B. was a giant among New Jersey newspaper editors. I had worked for Mr. B. on one of the newspapers that he served as Editor-in-Chief. That was several years before he appeared as a guest on the Cross-Talk television talk show.

Farewell Jimmy Olsen

By Richard Mabey Jr.

In the early Spring of 1995, Cross-Talk began its third year. I asked Mr. Howard B., a newspaper editor whom I had worked for, to appear as a guest on the show. He agreed.

One the day of the filming, Mr. B. arrived early to the television studio. We had a wonderful opportunity to talk together in my office, before filming the show. It was kind of a magical moment.

I remember this moment so very well, like it was yesterday. We were both standing in my office as the clock was ticking and it was getting very close to filming time. Mr. B. looked me in the eye and said to me, “you’re doing good kid. You’re a big success. You’re not cub reporter Jimmy Olsen any more!”

It meant the earth to me. I know that we should not rely upon the opinion of others to find our own self worth. Still, it meant the earth to me to hear Mr. B. say that.

This is a short blog today, I know. But I’m in the mad rush to get to work. I work the afternoon to evening shift as a Gate Guard in one of these gated communities in Central Florida. It’s not where I want to be in my life. But for right now, it pays the bills.

Last night, I reflected upon the compliment Mr. B. gave to me in my office at the television studio. Somehow, it brought a certain comfort to my heart. Somehow, it inspired me to once again stand high, rise up and reach for the brass ring in the carousel of life.

Peace and harmony,


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