The Blessing of a Loving Mom

Mom and I

A very special photo of Mom and I.

The Blessing of a Loving Mom

By Richard Mabey Jr.

My mom, Janet Mabey, is a dear and precious blessing in my life. Mom taught me so very much. When I was a very young child, in those very early years, Mom would read a story to me each and every night, before I fell asleep to dreamland. When I was very little, Mom bought me a new “Little Golden Book” about once a week. Some weeks, Mom would buy me two or three “Little Golden Books.”

LGB’s were filled with brightly colored drawings. Each page would have a color-filled drawing along with a paragraph or two of the story. They were wonderful. Mom’s gentle voice would calm my spirit, to ease me into sleep to have good dreams during the night.

They say that you don’t remember things, but I remember this very well. When I was about three and four years old, I had a very vivid imagination. I had a great fear of a monster being under my bed. My Mom would assure me, with great patience, that there was no monster in under my bed.

I was raised in a Christian home, so naturally Mom would gently tell me that Jesus was watching over me from Heaven’s Gate. Mom would tell me that Jesus loved me and would never let anything bad happen to me.

I started attending Sunday School at a very, very young age. So, I remember at the age of three or so, I would often hum or sing the song, “Jesus Loves Me.” It would bring a certain comfort to my heart and calm my fearful heart.

In this modern world; in grocery stores, in big box stores, in restaurants, and here and there, I see that mothers do not always treat their little children with a loving spirit. Sometimes a mother will be impatient with her child, raise her voice to the child, and say unkind things to the child. It’s really not wisdom to treat a child in a mean and cruel manner. Truly, it is not.

I consider myself blessed beyond my wildest dreams to have such a dear, patient, kind and loving Mom. Beyond my wildest dreams. A kind and loving Mom is a dear and precious gift from the good Lord. I know that I am truly blessed to have such a good Mom.

Peace and harmony,


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