The New Scout Flag

Dad, New Scout Flag

When the Committee of Boy Scout Troop 170 unanimously voted to purchase a new troop flag, it meant a lot to my dad. Here is the photo of my dad proudly displaying the new troop flag, back in September of 1974. This photo appeared in the old Lincoln Park Herald newspaper.

The New Scout Flag

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Boy Scout Troop 170 of Lincoln Park, New Jersey was founded in 1958 by William A. Dixon, former Mayor of Lincoln Park, and Neil Boston, former Councilman of Lincoln Park. By the summer of 1974, it was very evident that the scout troop’s old flag had seen better days. For 16 years, the old Troop 170 flag flew proud at summer camp, camporees, scout rallies, and other big district-wide and council-wide scouting events.

It was in the summer of 1974 that the original Boy Scout Troop 170 flag was beginning to show its age. The beloved flag of old 170 was fading. There were some tiny corner and edging tears, here and there. In short, the old 170 banner no longer shined, like it once did.

At summer camp, in 1974, Dad suggested to some of the leaders who also went to summer camp that the troop could really stand to use a new flag. It made sense. So, the first committee meeting after summer camp, the committee voted unanimously to buy a new troop flag for the troop.

September of 1974 was a big month for Boy Scout Troop 170. The troop took Third Place in the big council-wide camporee. This was no small potatoes. The Morris-Sussex Area Council, which Troop 170 was part of, consisted of a few hundred different scout troops.

So, on September 26th in 1974, the Lincoln Park Herald published a photo of Dad showing off the new Troop 170 flag while also holding the hard-earned Third Place Plaque. It was a great era for Boy Scout Troop 170. The troop had dedicated leaders and great scouts. It was a wonderful time for Troop 170.

My dad loved scouting. He was very humble about his role as Scoutmaster. At the big council dinners, Dad always gave credit to the committee and scouts of Troop 170. Dad was incredibly proud of Troop 170 and all of their great accomplishments, but at the same time he had a very humble way about him.

I loved my dad for all he did for scouting and for the young people of Lincoln Park. He was a good man. He truly cared about the scouts of 170. I miss him very much.

Peace and harmony,


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