Gate Guard Journal – Chapter 2: The Truck Driver

# Moving Van 1

Sometimes, when we least expect it, a miracle comes to us.

Gate Guard Journal

Chapter 2: The Truck Driver

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Today, a big 18-wheeler moving van came to my Gatehouse. The truck driver was by himself. The movers were scheduled to meet him at the home he was going to. The driver was an older man. He had white hair, wrinkles in his forehead and a friendly smile. He had the name “Jim” embroidered on his work shirt.

When I told Jim that I had to get some information from him, he was a gentleman and turned off his truck’s engine. I am required to fill out a form on all moving vans entering the gated community. Jim was very patient, even with the outdoor temperature hitting over 95 degrees! In the process of filling out the form, Jim and I talked.

Jim told me that he had been driving trucks for over 40 years. He told me that he was looking forward to retirement. He said that he was bailing out of the trucking game at 62. He told me that he would soon be 62. I told him that I also was close to turning 62. There was this tired look in Jim’s eyes.

I told Jim that my dad had worked as a long-distance truck driver all his life. Jim briefly talked to me about his own trials and tribulations of being a truck driver.

With the sweltering heat outside, combined with the heat of truck cab, Jim’s face was covered with sweat. As I finished the last part of the form, I looked up to Jim and said, “Dad, you want a bottle of water?”

I felt totally embarrassed. I don’t know what it was, but Jim reminded me so very much of my own father. For one split second, I thought it was my dad sitting high in that old truck. It’s funny how your mind can play tricks on you.

Jim replied, “sorry, didn’t hear ya.” I figured that Jim had not really heard me or that he did hear me and was being a gentleman by pretending that he hadn’t heard me.

“I said, do ya’ want a bottle of water?” I asked again.

“How many ya’ got? Ya’ got enough for yourself, for all day?” Jim replied.

“I’ve got about three or four bottles,” I said to Jim.

“Well, okay, thanks. I could use a water,” Jim said to me.

I went into the Gatehouse and got a bottle of water out of the little refrigerator in the Gatehouse. I walked back outside and handed it up to Jim.

“Thanks! Well, ya’ got all the information ya’ need?” Jim asked.

“Sure do,” I replied.

“Well, in that case, good talkin’ to ya’. I gotta get going,” Jim said.

“Take good care,” I said to Jim as he started up his truck and drove off. For a split second, we waved goodbye to each other.

That afternoon, I felt blessed. I felt that I had talked to my dad. I know it may sound crazy, but Jim had an eerie likeness to my dad. I just simply felt a feeling of inner peace, the rest of the day.

Life is funny. So much we don’t understand. We pretend to understand, but we really don’t. Sometimes a miracle touches our lives.

Peace and harmony,


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