Reflections Of Writing In Central Pennsylvania

# Reflections

My desk at my home in Central Pennsylvania. The sun had already set when I had taken this picture. My window looked out to the Allegheny Mountains.

Reflections Of Writing In Central Pennsylvania

By Richard Mabey Jr.

In 2005, I left behind my old hometown of the Mayberry of New Jersey. I moved to a little hamlet in Central Pennsylvania along the famous Lincoln Highway. I wrote a regular column for the Chambersburg daily newspaper, Public Opinion. Also, at that time, I did a ghost write for a medical doctor on the subject of spiritual healing. When I completed the book, I promised myself I would never do a ghost write ever again. So far, I’ve kept my promise.

I spent hours upon hours, each and every day, at my desk writing. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to take a photo of my desk. Unfortunately, it was after the sun had set, so you cannot see the beauty of the Allegheny Mountains outside my window.

I subsidized my writing income by selling comic books on ebay. Hence, the wall of white boxes that you see in this photo. I also worked part-time at a local grocery store that was right on the Lincoln Highway. At the same time, I was blessed to have several articles published in a few different newspapers, which were circulated in northern New Jersey.

Whenever I was faced with a deadline and suffered from writer’s block, instead of panicking I would take a few minutes and play a few songs on my old wooden recorder. It gave me a sense of inner peace and provided upliftment for me. In a matter of 10 or 15 minutes later, the creative juices would flow once again and I would return to my writing.

At the time, I had a concept for a book that I had tentatively titled, Eagle Scout. It was about my own struggle to attain scouting’s highest rank. While I received back many rejection letters from a long list of book publishers, it never bothered me at all. For I began taking the chapters of that book, editing them into shorter essays and having them published in Public Opinion newspaper.

After I completed the ghost write of the book for a local medical doctor, I got a second part-time job. I worked at a fast-food restaurant for a while. Shortly thereafter, I was blessed to get a job writing short, uplifting essays for a company that published religious publications. My short essays were used as daily inspirations that were sent out to the company’s Internet subscribers. That writing job enabled me to say farewell to working in the fast-food restaurant.

The road to the fulfillment of our goals in life is not always easy. But the bottom line is this: never give up! Never give up! I know how corny this may sound, but it’s true: when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

To all of my good readers who are walking along a rocky path in their pursuit of their big dream in life, please remember this: never give up! No matter how tough it may get, never give up!

Peace and harmony,


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