My Father’s Good Works As An Evangelist

Dad Speaking 2

From the mid 1970’s till the late 1990’s, my dad presented many evangelical sermons at church conferences and lay witness meetings.

My Father’s Good Works As An Evangelist

By Richard Mabey Jr.

My father was an incredibly talented speaker. He had a unique and distinct meter to his talks and sermons. Dad didn’t shout and scream like some of the television evangelists do. Dad had a quieter style, a more gentle approach to giving a sermon about the good Lord’s love for each and every one of us.

Dad gave hundreds of talks and sermons at religious meetings, such as church conferences and lay witness meetings. He spoke under big circus tents to hundreds of people and he spoke to small groups of five or six people. Regardless of how many people were in the audience of sanctuary, Dad gave it his all.

Dad’s strength lied in presenting simple parables with deep meanings. He drew upon his own practical life as a long-distance truck driver. Dad often spoke of that certain loneliness of being on the road for many days, making a coast-to-coast delivery. Dad also spoke of his remembrances of being a Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 170 for over 25 years. Dad’s gentle style touched the hearts of hundreds upon hundreds of people, over the years.

Dad served as a Lay Leader of the Boonton United Methodist Church from the mid 1970’s till the early 1990’s. Dad then became a member in good standing of the First Reformed Church of Lincoln Park for many years.

Dad also served as a Chaplain in the Boy Scouts of America. Together with his good friend, Donald Talbot; the two men led many of the Protestant Worship Services at scout camporees. Don Talbot also served as an Assistant Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 170 for over 20 years.

My father often quoted scriptures from the Book of John. He often spoke about Peter’s denial of Jesus, and how it could have been any of us who would deny Jesus in the face of certain death. Dad had a soothing, calming voice. He spoke clearly and distinctly, when he presented a sermon or talk.

Dad loved the Lord with all his heart. He did his very best to live a good, Christian life. He always held it as a deep honor to be asked to speak before fellow Christians. Dad had such an endearing, humble quality about himself in his talks.

Dad would often introduce his sermon by saying, “I am a man who drives a truck for a living. My Bible sets by my side in my truck. When I take my lunch break, on the open road, I read my Bible. I ask the good Lord to guide me as to what to share with you. These are simple thoughts that I share with you, but they reflect the love that Jesus has for you.”

That is as best as I can remember how Dad would often introduce his subject and theme to one of his sermons. Dad’s messages were simple but they powerfully moved the human heart. My father had such a wonderful gift of presenting a sermon.

My father was such a good man. Through his work in his church, in scouts, and in his community; he exemplified the teachings of Jesus. I loved him dearly. I miss him dearly.

Peace and harmony,


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